Summer Classes

  • Why Summer Is the Best Time to Read Frankenstein

    Barry Lenson

    Why wait ‘til Halloween to read Frankenstein, the novel that Mary Shelley’s penned in 1818? Here are some reasons why this immortal novel, which was actually entitled Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus, makes for hot, hot summer reading . . . Reading it now could help you pass required English courses in the fall. You see, Frankenstein is required reading in many of them, including StraighterLine’s own English Composition I course. So if you read it now, you’ll have an easier time of it later on. You’re going to look wicked cool at the pool or the beach. Let those other people lie back in their lounge chairs and read Crazy Rich Asians, The Woman Upstairs, or one of those romances with the guy with the pecs on the c ...

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  • Seven Ways to Keep Your Summer from Being Boring

    Beth Dumbauld

    By Danielle Koons This is going to be a tricky topic. You see, StraighterLine wants me to talk about how taking classes will keep your summer from sucking. But you and I both know that a quick route to Sadville is to take summer classes. HOWEVER. In a previous post, I did mention all the good things about summer classes. And I really do believe that they can be a great thing! No lies! So here I am with even more fantastic advice on how to lessen the pain of the cruel prison sentence we call Secondary Education. 1. Register for next semester classes, like, the day after the previous semester ends. I only mention this because all the stupid classes I need for fall semester are filled THE DAY AFTER SPRING SEMESTER ENDS. Seri ...

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  • How to Complete Core Curriculum Courses and Save $$$

    Barry Lenson

    If you go to most colleges, you are going to have to take a certain number of required courses. If you attend Columbia University in New York, for example, here are core curriculum courses that you will be required to take . . . Contemporary Civilization Literature Humanities University Writing Art Humanities Music Humanities In addition to those courses that Columbia requires, you will also have to take courses in these areas . . . Science Requirement Global Core Requirement Foreign Language Requirement Physical Education Requirement What’s the Reasoning behind Required Courses? Basically, the purpose is to establish certain baseline requirements for what students are supposed to know before they graduate. ...

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  • Do You Yearn to Change the World? Your Journey Starts Today

    Barry Lenson

    Not too many years ago, entrepreneurs were people with big ideas who were interested in making a lot of money. Social activists were people who wanted to improve the world. Very different people, right? But that has changed. Today, we have social entrepreneurs. They are people who want to use their vision and business skills to make the world a better place. Many of them are doing it. If you want to see how, you’ll want to check out the Forbes Magazine Impact 30 list, a directory of 30 top social entrepreneurs who have been identified by the Forbes editors.  On that list, you’ll get to know social entrepreneurs like these . . . Jane Chen, the 32-year-old founder of an organization called Embrace. Jane helped to create the The ...

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  • Social Entrepreneurship Didn’t Start Last Year

    Barry Lenson

    [caption id="attachment_3801" align="alignright" width="251"] Dr. Jonas Salk, social entrepreneur, holding two bottles of his life-saving polio vaccine in 1957[/caption] If you have been reading recent articles about social entrepreneurs, you’ll be tempted to believe that they are a completely new breed of human that burst upon the scene about a decade ago. Sure, lots of today’s most noted social entrepreneurs are youthful people who think in new ways. But social entrepreneurs have been around for a very long time – for as long, in fact, as people have been finding ways to apply business solutions to improving the quality of people’s lives. Historical Social Entrepreneurs Here’s my short list of great social entreprene ...

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