Success Stories

  • How An Olympic Hopeful Fit Education Into His Training Schedule

    Beth Dumbauld

    For Aidyn Gangemi, a high school junior, taking English Composition I wasn’t just a matter of becoming a better writer, but also about finding something that fit into his busy schedule. Because Aidyn spends at least six hours a day training as a competitive ice dancer, he needed a course that was flexible and convenient. Aidyn thought about taking a CLEP exam, but decided against it. “With CLEP exams you are flying by the seat of your pants and hoping you pass,” says Aidyn’s mother Deb. “And if you fail – BUMMER – you’ll have to wait to take it again.” Aidyn knew he wanted a course that would fit into his schedule, but also set clear guidelines and provided feedback and structure. After some research, he selected Str ...

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  • StraighterLine Student of the Month: Alex Evdokimov

    Barry Lenson

    When Alex Evdokimov decided to start a new career as a teacher in Massachusetts, he found Western Governors University and decided to enroll there. “I have lived in several countries and taught in them,” Alex explains, “but I wanted to earn a degree in education and get my teacher certification in Massachusetts. I was attracted to WGU because I didn’t want to go to a regular school with semesters, which are a burden,” he says. “I could move ahead a lot faster at WGU.” But then Alex hit a snag. “I wanted to start my major studies right away,” Alex explains, “but my course counselor at WGU said that before I could, I needed to complete an awful lot of courses. We agreed that it would probably take me a year to complete ...

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  • Using Online Courses to Complete Nursing Prerequisites: A StraighterLine Success Story

    Barry Lenson

    A few years ago, Ife Muyiwa-Ojo’s career seemed steady and secure. He was working as a network/database engineer for an Internet company in Atlanta, GA. But then during the economic downturn, his company started downsizing and “moving people around,” as Ife puts it. “I lost my position and was offered another but I declined,” Ife explains. “I took an unpaid position with another company to keep my skills fresh. But I also started to think about starting a new career in a more secure field.” Want to try an online class? Take two free lessons on us today! Finding His Path to a Career Change “I had always been interested in health care and I started doing some research online,” Ife recalls. “Nursing appealed to me, ...

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  • StraighterLine Student of the Month: Latoya S. Deon Saves $2,550 on One StraighterLine Course and Graduates on Time

    Barry Lenson

    Latoya Deon lives in California with her husband Marvin and three-year-old son M.J. She works for the California Justice Department, where she updates criminal background checks. Latoya’s story is even more interesting. Here’s how StraighterLine helped her graduate from college on time on August 9th. Latoya’s StraighterLine Story Begins Just a few months ago, Latoya was doing her best to complete work for her Bachelor’s degree at the University of San Francisco. But she needed to complete one more elective – an introduction to philosophy course - before she could graduate. “I was searching and searching,” she says. “My advisor sent me a list of options that I could use. I went home with that list and I went throu ...

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  • Student of the Month: Diana Stone Uses StraighterLine Courses to Graduate on Time

    Barry Lenson

    After working in the banking and brokerage business for more than 21 years, Diana Stone decided it was time to make a change. “I’m someone who has always wanted to help people fulfill their full potential,” Diana told us during a recent chat. “So I decided to earn a degree in business and start a new career in HR. I enrolled in Strayer University, where I’ll graduate this year. Then I’ll start working toward my Master’s in Human Resources with a concentration in management.” Using StraighterLine Courses to Stay on Schedule Like many college students, Diana hit a speed bump or two that threatened ability to graduate on time. “I was absolutely determined to graduate in 2013,” she explains. “I looked to exams as a ...

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