Study Skills

  • High School Grads: Is Your Writing Ready for College?

    Barry Lenson

    One of our editors at StraighterLine Blog is also an SAT tutor.  We asked him to conduct an informal survey for us, and here are the results. First, he asked 10 SAT students to name a subject that their high schools had not taught well enough. Eight of them replied, “writing.” (The other two cited “math” and “chemistry.”) Second, he asked six parents to name one subject that their children had not learned well enough in high school. Four of them replied, “writing.” (The other two parents answered “study skills” and “music.”) Third, he asked a group of six SAT tutors to name the area where their students needed the most catch-up work before starting college. All six of them replied, “writing.” So the ...

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  • Five Tips to Create a Strong Resume

    Jaime Dalbke

    In the current economy, more than ever it is critical for a job seeker to have a resume that stands out. A resume is a sales document and you are the item for sale! It takes some work to write a crisp, clear, well-organized resume, but hopefully the end result will be worth it. Following are some pointers for creating a well-written, eye-catching resume: Put the most relevant and important information first.  From top to bottom, your resume should be organized with the most vital information coming first and the least important coming last. Typically, that means your relevant employment experience will come first, and less important items such as personal interests and hobbies will come last. Don’t hide your strengths – highlight ...

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  • The Art of Being a Good Student . . .

    Jaime Dalbke

    How to Beef Up Your Study Skills Once upon a time, educators believed that people were either "good students" or "bad students." Good students found it easy to absorb information and pass tests about it. Bad students found it hard to soak up information and pass tests about it. Some educators foolishly believed that the ability to study efficiently was an indicator of intelligence - that good students were smarter than bad students. Then all that changed. Psychologists realized that studying wasn't directly tied to intelligence. They started to understand that some very intelligent people simply lacked specific study skills that could be taught. So, what are good study skills? Here are some simple approaches that we recomm ...

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