Professional Development

  • Herzing University: Partner College Profile

    Barry Lenson

    StraighterLine is proud to announce that Herzing University is now one of our Partner Colleges When you first hear about Herzing University and investigate what it’s all about, the first thing you’ll probably think is, “Herzing is America’s only university that is owned by a woman, Renée Herzing. That’s unique.” Then you read about a Herzing student who earned both his Bachelor’s and his MBA in four years, and you think again, “That’s unique.” Then you learn that Herzing has a dozen campuses located across America and think, “That’s unique too.” And on it goes – with every page you turn and every fact you learn, you keep discovering that Herzing is uniquely different from most other American schools. An ...

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  • How Online Students Can Compete with Other College Grads at Job Interviews

    Barry Lenson

    Its 2013. And it’s a great climate for online students. Students who have shown the ambition to take courses and/or finish college by taking courses online have won new respect in the marketplace. The days are gone when online students had to learn to present themselves as second-class citizens in the world of American higher education. So hold your head high as you go into job interviews. And remember these strategies. They’ll show your interviewers that you merit equal consideration alongside other graduates who went to regular “brick and mortar” schools . . . Tell your personal story. You, like most online students, probably have something unusual to say about why you chose to study online. Perhaps you were working a full- ...

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  • Investigate Your Career in Criminal Justice

    Jeffrey Simons

    By Jeffrey Simons Criminal justice in America has come a long way from the days of six-gun slinging sheriffs keeping the peace in frontier boomtowns with bullets and bluster. Nowadays, your local chief of police may have a Bachelors of Criminal Justice and a Masters in Public Policy. Ever since 1916, when August Vollmer, the police chief of Berkeley, California established the first criminal justice program at UC Berkeley, the number of places you could get a degree has skyrocketed. By the 1970’s, there were 720 different criminology and criminal justice academic programs in the U.S. Many of those are online criminal justice degree programs at schools like Boston University, Penn State, and StraighterLine partners Thomas Edison Stat ...

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  • Community College Crisis

    Beth Dumbauld

    By Guest Blogger: Marcela De Vivo Community colleges have always been a place where students could go to further their education and or career, without the high-tuition fees and strict entrance requirements of four-year universities and colleges. Unfortunately, many community colleges are experiencing a crisis that doesn’t look like it’s going to get resolved any time soon. While most community colleges are still open to students, funding has been cut and new students as well as returning students are feeling the brunt. Many students don’t know what to do or how to further their education in the wake of this crisis. Community College Student Body About four-million people attended community colleges all over the United S ...

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  • Why More Firefighters Earn College Degrees Today

    Barry Lenson

    Everyone knows that firefighters are brave. Fewer people seem to know that firefighters also need to possess a lot of knowledge, and wide range of critical safety skills. Could you stand outside a burning building and understand what has happening inside it, just by making a visual determination? Could you formulate an immediate strategy for fighting the fire? Could you assess the risks to yourself and your colleagues? And then there’s the technical side of firefighting. Today’s firefighters need to use modern equipment that uses thermal sensors to analyze fires that are in progress. They need to be trained to use other equipment too, such as new systems that track the locations of all firefighters who are inside burning build ...

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