Professional Development

  • Why Superheroes Should Earn a Degree in Criminal Justice Online

    Beth Dumbauld

    By Beth Dumbauld It’s a tough job market for up-and-coming comic book crime fighters these days. Sure, superheroes may be born with supernatural skills like invisibility or being able to consistently kick a 75 yard field goal (I’m just saying...) but without a college degree, even the most promising of superheroes can’t get a job with the FBI. Historically, a college education has always been important for someone wanting to make a difference in their community fighting crime. For example: Superman: Clark Kent graduated with a degree from KU. Spiderman: Peter Parker graduated with a degree in biophysics from fictional Empire State University. (However, he, like many adults who go back to college, was a credit short of gradua ...

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  • Let Online Learning Open the Door to Your Career as a Police Officer

    Barry Lenson

    What kind of work will you do if you become a police officer? There are many answers to that question. Today, police officers do a lot more than ticket cars and patrol the streets. Here are only a few of the many services that police officers provide today . . . Develop educational programs about crime prevention for schools. Council parents and their children on Internet safety. Intervene in situations that impact traffic and public safety, such as fallen trees, improperly parked cars, and floods. Safeguard citizens when crimes, domestic disputes and other dangerous events take place. Help local merchants take steps to protect their businesses from crime. Provide security and safety support at community events such as con ...

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  • Get a Career Edge with Online Learning

    Barry Lenson

    Get a Career Edge with Online Learning Some of today’s smartest students are using online learning to jumpstart their professional success. “I took StraighterLine’s Introduction to Business course last year when I was applying for jobs,” says one StraighterLine student. “It helped me get my job as an office manager for a medical practice, because I was able to talk with more confidence in interviews. And interviewers were impressed that I had taken the course to prepare for my first job.” That’s only one way to use online courses to increase your career success. You can apply these strategies too . . .  Take online courses to prepare to work in specific industries. If you are interested in finding a job in one of t ...

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  • Hot Summer Books Quiz

    Barry Lenson

    Hot Summer Books Quiz Nothing is dopier than a list of hot books for summer reading. If you think I am kidding, look at a list of hot summer books that I put together for this blog two years ago. But I’ve reformed, and here is a different approach to a list of best-selling books for summer reading. It’s a quiz. You will find descriptions of some actual bestsellers below. But mixed among them are descriptions of books that I made up - books that don’t exist. Your job is to read the descriptions and decide which are real books, and which are spoofs. So here we go . . . 1) The House on Hedge Street by Vincent Colombo When Viveca Houston inherits an old family mansion from her reclusive uncle Manfred, she moves in and discove ...

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  • Why Mothers Should Go Back to College on Mothers’ Day

    Barry Lenson

    Why Mothers Should Go Back to College on Mothers’ Day Mother’s Day is a holiday when moms from coast to coast get presents and cards. They should! Mothers are the glue that holds most families together, and they deserve gratitude every day of the year. If you are a mother, here is a suggestion for a present that you can give yourself this Mother’s Day . . . Why not start or go back to college? The good news is, going to college today is easier than ever before, thanks to online learning. No matter where you are in your life – a young mother, a single mother, or a mother of high school or college students – you can fit online courses in and around your busy lifestyle. You can even go to college if you are a busy grandmother. ...

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