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  • What’s the Best Career for You? Take an Online Career Aptitude Test this Summer to Find Out

    What’s the Best Career for You? Take an Online Career Aptitude Test this Summer to Find Out
    Barry Lenson

    What’s the best career for you? If that question is on your mind this summer, the editors at StraighterLine found some online tests that can help you decide. Most of them are free, and they can help you discover the career that suits you best. John Holland Career Aptitude Test.  This test takes 20-30 minutes to complete, costs $9.95, and offers an in-depth analysis of your career strengths. Career Personality & Aptitude Test.  This free test has 240 questions, takes about an hour to complete, and offers insights into the kind of career that would be best for you. Free Career Assessment Test.  This free quiz asks 15 questions, provides immediate career feedback, and suggests programs of stu ...

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  • Great Reasons to Get Your Business Degree Online

    Barry Lenson

    In just the last month, I’ve seen more and more magazine ads for online business programs.  I’ve seen ads on websites too. Heck, I even saw a flashy big billboard by a highway in New Jersey that pitched an online MBA program. There’s no doubt about it. There is definitely something in the air about earning business degrees online.  But when you stop to think about it, that’s not surprising. After all, earning a business degree online makes a lot of sense right now, for reasons like these . . . You don’t have to quit your day job.  I haven’t been able to find any statistics about how many students are working jobs at the same time they are studying for their business degrees, but I suspect that a lot of them are, for a ...

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  • Find Your Next Job at a Virtual Job Fair

    Barry Lenson

    If you’ve been to job fairs, you know how frustrating they can be. You show up with a pile of resumes – just like hundreds of other people do. You talk with representatives from a few companies and give them one of your resumes – just like hundreds of other people do.  You attend a few breakout sessions and watch a few company videos  – just like hundreds of other people do.  Then when it’s over you and those hundreds of other people leave, wondering whether your resume has landed in the right pile and whether you are going to hear anything from any hiring companies. A Better Way to Find Your Next Job Enter the virtual job fair. It takes the whole job fair experience online, and makes the whole process work better for bot ...

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  • Do You Yearn to Change the World? Your Journey Starts Today

    Barry Lenson

    Not too many years ago, entrepreneurs were people with big ideas who were interested in making a lot of money. Social activists were people who wanted to improve the world. Very different people, right? But that has changed. Today, we have social entrepreneurs. They are people who want to use their vision and business skills to make the world a better place. Many of them are doing it. If you want to see how, you’ll want to check out the Forbes Magazine Impact 30 list, a directory of 30 top social entrepreneurs who have been identified by the Forbes editors.  On that list, you’ll get to know social entrepreneurs like these . . . Jane Chen, the 32-year-old founder of an organization called Embrace. Jane helped to create the The ...

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  • The Difference between Having a Good Idea and Changing the World

    Jeffrey Simons

    The Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Program at StraighterLine By Jeffrey Simons Let’s face it: good ideas are a dime a dozen. Everybody gets them all the time. Especially when it comes to the “save the world” kind of good ideas. Does this sound familiar? You and a bunch of your friends are hanging out and someone brings up some recent news story that just sucks. Like the fact that there’s a giant swirling vortex of garbage in the Pacific Ocean that is hundreds of thousands, and maybe millions, of square miles in size. And then you and your friends spend the next half hour coming up with brilliant ideas to harvest the garbage and recycle it into product packaging, or clothing. And then you go on with your lives. What ...

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