Professional Development

  • Creating a Plan for Personal and Professional Development

    Creating a Plan for Personal and Professional Development
    Beth Dumbauld

    By Dr. William Overton Faculty Director, School of Arts and Humanities at American Public University This article was previously run on Online Learning Tips. Graduating with a degree is a major goal for many, but the reality is that a degree is just a starting point for advancement in a career and in life. A degree is just one step of a personal and professional development program that involves lifelong learning. Your development can begin with an examination of life goals, but it should involve contingency planning as well as pursuit of those determined goals. It is a common observation that far too many middle-class families are simply living from paycheck to paycheck and job loss can be a prelude to financial disaster. Mainta ...

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  • Four Steps to Using Your Employer’s Tuition Assistance Program

    Four Steps to Using Your Employer’s Tuition Assistance Program
    Beth Dumbauld

    Earning your college degree while working is a smart career move. It increases your value to your employer (and in turn, your job security), and it improves your career trajectory. By continuing to work while getting your degree, you can maintain your income, reduce your reliance on loans  – and if your employer offers a Tuition Assistance Program, you could even come out ahead. Working while earning your degree? Download our FREE Guide to Working While Going to College What Is a Tuition Assistance Program? Simply put, a Tuition Assistance Program is a program, generally run through an employer’s human resources department, where employees can take college courses paid for by that employer. According to the IRS, you can excl ...

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  • New Year's Resolution: Reach Your Career Goals in 2016

    New Year's Resolution: Reach Your Career Goals in 2016
    Beth Dumbauld

    Every year people around the world resolve to change their lives in the new year. But of all the resolutions you could make, here’s a suggestion: Why not make your 2016 resolution one that will last a lifetime. Make 2016 the year you commit to getting your degree and jumpstarting your career. Ready to get started? Sign up for a free trial today! Thanks to the flexibility of online learning, you don’t have to wait until a new semester starts before you can get going. You can get started today by... Starting college before college. Start taking low-cost college courses before you enroll in a degree program in the most user-friendly way possible--by taking courses online at StraighterLine. Exploring a new area of study. Have yo ...

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  • Business Education: Past, Present, Future

    Beth Dumbauld

    If you want a successful career in business, it's helpful to understand where the industry has been, and where it's going – and then pursue business classes that will help you get the right degree. If you have questions around using online courses to save on your business prerequisites, need help finding a business degree program, or want to know how to get started, our team of highly qualified enrollment counselors are to here to help you succeed! Ready to get started? Sign up for a free trial today! Add the Business Education: Past, Present, Future Infographic to your Site or Blog If you'd like to share this infographic, please click the button below to copy and paste the embed code on to your site! <a href=" ...

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  • 4 Compelling Reasons to Study US History

    4 Compelling Reasons to Study US History
    Beth Dumbauld

    United States History I is the study of US history prior to 1877. Though taking a history course may seem like you'll be spending most of your time learning dates, it's far more than a timeline. In fact, US History is one of the most fascinating and useful subjects that you can imagine, once you enroll in a college class. 1. Grow your career in a changing workplace With US History, you’ll gain really interesting insights about how and why society and culture change and evolve over time – and how these changes affect people in the growth of a country and democracy. Better yet, the knowledge you gain has very practical applications in business, teaching and other fields today. That’s why having a degree in history can help ...

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