Professional Development

  • Let’s Get Serious about Snow Days

    Barry Lenson

    Boy, did I love snow days when I was in public school. I’d wake up in the morning to the sound of the town’s firehouse siren, which signaled that schools were closed. I’d look out the window to confirm that there was white stuff on the ground. Then I’d grab my sled and meet my friends at the sledding hill in the park. It was about as close to paradise as any kid could get. Now I’m grown up and days off from school are more serious business.  I live in New Jersey, where schools in many towns were closed for a few weeks after Hurricane Sandy rolled through here.  Were kids happy? Sure, they were ecstatic. But they’re not so happy now. In an effort to make up some of the days that were lost, school systems have cancelled tradi ...

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  • Three Ways to Get Your Resume through Screening Systems

    Barry Lenson

    It’s Monday morning. You’re going through your daily routine of job-hunting online. Suddenly there it is . . . . your dream job! You click through to the company’s career page, fill out the online application, and upload your resume and cover letter. Then you shut off your computer and head out to Starbucks to treat yourself to a latte. You just applied for your perfect job, so you can kick back and wait for the hiring company to roll out the red carpet for you, right? As you know, that approach won’t work. In fact, your resume and cover letter probably won’t even get reviewed by actual human beings. Your stuff is going to get stopped by the hiring company’s resume-screening system.  So before you upload your materials and h ...

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  • October 20: A Day to Tone Up Your Writing Skills

    Barry Lenson

    October 20: A Day to Tone Up Your Writing Skills The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) sponsored the first National Day on Writing back in 2009. This year, it falls on October 20. And it gained momentum this year when the U.S. Senate passed Resolution S.298, which declared October 20 The National Day on Writing. What’s planned this year? As in previous years, people who love to write are encouraged to submit their work to the National Gallery of Writing. Since the National Day of Writing was first held in 2009, more than 33,000 written contributions have been submitted to it. What else is planned for this year? Visit the home page of The National Day on Writing to find out. One of our favorite sections on the webs ...

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  • Why Superheroes Should Earn a Degree in Criminal Justice Online

    Beth Dumbauld

    By Beth Dumbauld It’s a tough job market for up-and-coming comic book crime fighters these days. Sure, superheroes may be born with supernatural skills like invisibility or being able to consistently kick a 75 yard field goal (I’m just saying...) but without a college degree, even the most promising of superheroes can’t get a job with the FBI. Historically, a college education has always been important for someone wanting to make a difference in their community fighting crime. For example: Superman: Clark Kent graduated with a degree from KU. Spiderman: Peter Parker graduated with a degree in biophysics from fictional Empire State University. (However, he, like many adults who go back to college, was a credit short of gradua ...

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  • Let Online Learning Open the Door to Your Career as a Police Officer

    Barry Lenson

    What kind of work will you do if you become a police officer? There are many answers to that question. Today, police officers do a lot more than ticket cars and patrol the streets. Here are only a few of the many services that police officers provide today . . . Develop educational programs about crime prevention for schools. Council parents and their children on Internet safety. Intervene in situations that impact traffic and public safety, such as fallen trees, improperly parked cars, and floods. Safeguard citizens when crimes, domestic disputes and other dangerous events take place. Help local merchants take steps to protect their businesses from crime. Provide security and safety support at community events such as con ...

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