Paying for College

  • [VIDEO] U.S. Department of Education’s EQUIP Experiment and StraighterLine

    Beth Dumbauld

    StraighterLine is pleased to announce to be just one of a handful of programs to be selected for the U.S. Department of Education’s EQUIP experiment. Through EQUIP, StraighterLine and Dallas County Community College District/DCCCD will offer two associate degree programs where StraighterLine delivers up to 75% of the coursework. These programs will primarily serve students that have attended some college, but have not yet obtained a credential. Tuition will be $99 per credit which includes all materials. Learn more about EQUIP in this special video that features Joe May, Chancellor at Dallas County Community Colleges (DCCCD), Dr. Judith S. Eaton, President of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), Yuanxia Ding, Senior P ...

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  • Finding The Best Scholarships Online

    Finding The Best Scholarships Online
    Beth Dumbauld

    Whether you are looking to earn your degree online, on-campus, or through a competency-based education program, one of the best ways to lower your cost of college is by getting a scholarship. When adult learners first start considering a college degree, one of their most pressing concerns is how to afford it. A quality scholarship can make all the difference. Scholarship Help Is Available to Students Like You – Really Around $46 billion in scholarships and grant money is given out each year through individual colleges and universities as well as the U.S. Department of Education. $3.3 billion in funding is also provided annually by private sector organizations like corporations, associations, and foundations. That’s ...

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  • Education is Expensive – Lowering the Cost of College 

    Education is Expensive – Lowering the Cost of College 
    Beth Dumbauld

    College is expensive. With tuition going up by 70 percent or more in some parts of the country, even a public education seems to be slipping out of reach for a population whose earnings haven’t gone up at the same rate. At the same time, a college degree is more important than ever for students seeking well-paying careers. The solution for a generation of students: taking out loans to pay for education, and entering into costly payment plans. But as tuitions continue to rise, many people are questioning that concept too. Just how much debt should a person take on? Is there another way to make college affordable? There is another way, one that is quickly picking up steam: enrolling with affordable, accredited online institutions. H ...

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  • Why is College So Expensive?

    Why is College So Expensive?
    Beth Dumbauld

    College has always been a major life expense. However, it wasn't until relatively recently that paying for college became a perceived life sentence to student loan debt. Over time, the economics of earning a college degree shifted. It moved from being a financially accessible credential for getting ahead, to becoming a financially burdensome necessity for getting by. And here’s why: college has become more expensive relative to income, meaning a larger chunk of your paycheck is needed to pay for your college costs. Want to try an online class? Take two free lessons on us today! Fortunately, there are steps you can take today to reduce those costs--but first, let’s get a better idea of the reality of college expenses. A Catch-2 ...

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  • Four Steps to Using Your Employer’s Tuition Assistance Program

    Four Steps to Using Your Employer’s Tuition Assistance Program
    Beth Dumbauld

    Earning your college degree while working is a smart career move. It increases your value to your employer (and in turn, your job security), and it improves your career trajectory. By continuing to work while getting your degree, you can maintain your income, reduce your reliance on loans  – and if your employer offers a Tuition Assistance Program, you could even come out ahead. Working while earning your degree? Download our FREE Guide to Working While Going to College What Is a Tuition Assistance Program? Simply put, a Tuition Assistance Program is a program, generally run through an employer’s human resources department, where employees can take college courses paid for by that employer. According to the IRS, you can excl ...

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