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  • How to Earn a College Degree in 20 Minutes

    Barry Lenson

    I have to admit that the title of today’s post is a little misleading. You can’t actually earn a college degree in 20 minutes. But you can earn a college degree if you can find one 20-minute chunk of time in a typical day and devote it to taking online courses. Here’s how. Start out by taking one or two college courses here at StraighterLine. Knock them off in 20 minutes a day. Then transfer the credits you earned to one of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges that will allow you to complete your college degree online.  Keep investing those 20-minute time chunks to do your coursework and in less time than you expect, you really can earn a college degree. Where are you going to find those 20-minute time periods when you can fire ...

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  • The Bottom Line on Business Careers: New Infographic from StraighterLine

    Beth Dumbauld

    By Jeffrey Simons Did you know that in 2011, there were 836,493 students in the U.S. enrolled in undergraduate programs? Or that 168,415 students are going for their MBAs? Whether you agree that “the business of America is business” or that “small business is the engine that drives our economy”, one thing is true: a business degree can be the key to your personal success. And even if you don’t pursue a full degree, taking business courses can give you an edge over your fellow employees in getting better pay and faster career advancement. If you think about it, it makes sense that companies seek out and reward employees who understand how businesses work and are familiar with organizational behavior. That’s why business ...

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  • College for America: Recent Changes in American Higher Education Create New Opportunities for You

    Barry Lenson

    A few decades ago, the word “college” meant pretty much one thing for students who were attending college in America. If you were a born-and-bred American student, you graduated high school and then headed off to live on a college campus and complete your degree in four years. Even if you were a non-U.S. student who wanted to earn a degree at an American college or university, you followed pretty much the same path as well. You applied for a student visa and came to America to complete your college degree in four years. Today, there are many other options.  Here are just a few of the trends that have changed what it means to go to college in America today . . . More and more working adults have gone back to complete college, ear ...

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  • Why More Firefighters Earn College Degrees Today

    Barry Lenson

    Everyone knows that firefighters are brave. Fewer people seem to know that firefighters also need to possess a lot of knowledge, and wide range of critical safety skills. Could you stand outside a burning building and understand what has happening inside it, just by making a visual determination? Could you formulate an immediate strategy for fighting the fire? Could you assess the risks to yourself and your colleagues? And then there’s the technical side of firefighting. Today’s firefighters need to use modern equipment that uses thermal sensors to analyze fires that are in progress. They need to be trained to use other equipment too, such as new systems that track the locations of all firefighters who are inside burning build ...

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  • Bloomberg Article: More College Students Opt for Online Courses

    Barry Lenson

    “College Crackup and the Online Future,” a post by Mark C. Taylor on, documents the rising number of college students who are opting to take courses online. Taylor writes, “Some changes are well under way. In 2009, about 29 percent of college students took at least one course online; by 2014, that number is projected to increase to 50 percent. Much of this growth has been driven by for-profit schools, but in the past couple of years, traditional colleges and universities have designed their own programs in an effort to increase tuition income without expanding the physical plant. It remains to be seen whether this financial bet will pay off.” Here are some trends that Taylor cites . . . Students aren’t who ...

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