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  • StraighterLine Student of the Month: Melissa Molina

    Barry Lenson

    Melissa Molina has taken seven StraighterLine classes, and she plans to take more. Why is she such a committed StraighterLine student? “I added the money up and discovered that they cost me an average of about $50 per class,” Melissa ways with a laugh.  But when you talk to this energetic young New Yorker, you learn that StraighterLine did more than just save her money. Here are notes from a recent conversation. StraighterLine:  What led you to StraighterLine? Melissa Molina:  There I was in my twenties. I had a good job as an office manager in a radiology practice, but I realized that if I wanted to advance my career, I needed to earn a college degree.  So I went online and found StraighterLine. I have to say, I was ...

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  • StraighterLine Partners Rank High in USNews Online College Rankings

    Barry Lenson

    You already knew that USNews compiles rankings every year of America’s best colleges and universities. But did you know that USNews now issues ranking for America’s best online bachelor's programs too? If you didn’t know, you can check out all the online college rankings HERE. While you are reading those ratings, you will notice that many StraighterLine Partner Colleges have achieved top online college rankings. Fourteen StraighterLine Partner Colleges are ranked on the overall list of best online bachelor's programs! Seven StraighterLine Partner Colleges are ranked in the Top 50! Five StraighterLine Partner Colleges are ranked in the Top 30! Here are the StraighterLine Partner Colleges that made it into the top 1 ...

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  • Herzing University: Partner College Profile

    Barry Lenson

    StraighterLine is proud to announce that Herzing University is now one of our Partner Colleges When you first hear about Herzing University and investigate what it’s all about, the first thing you’ll probably think is, “Herzing is America’s only university that is owned by a woman, Renée Herzing. That’s unique.” Then you read about a Herzing student who earned both his Bachelor’s and his MBA in four years, and you think again, “That’s unique.” Then you learn that Herzing has a dozen campuses located across America and think, “That’s unique too.” And on it goes – with every page you turn and every fact you learn, you keep discovering that Herzing is uniquely different from most other American schools. An ...

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  • Who Takes Online Courses?

    Jeffrey Simons

    By Jeffrey Simons The Seattle Times just published an article about a study showing more students drop out, and fewer get a passing grade, when they take a class online than when they take it in a classroom. According to the Times, “many previous studies comparing online and in-class course success have been limited in scope, usually only comparing the results of a single course taught in-person at a four-year college to the same course taught online… Those studies often show that online is just as good as in-person.” The study says that the students who are most likely to fail to finish a class, or get a lower grade, are males, black students and students with lower levels of academic preparation. It also claims that, “If ...

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  • Do You Have What It Takes to be a Great Online Learner?

    Barry Lenson

    Do you have what it takes to be a strong online learner? That’s a good question. There’s no doubt that certain skills, attitudes and resources are needed to be an effective online learner. The same could be said of classroom learners too, but here’s a short list of traits you do and don’t need to be a good online student. Things You Don’t Need When Taking Online Classes Let’s start by listing some traits that you don’t need to succeed as a distance learner. You don’t need . . .  Advanced computer skills. A whole room in your home that you can use as your classroom. A scanner, a printer or lots of other expensive computer peripherals. A car so you can commute to campus. A fridge or other dorm furnishings. ...

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