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  • Is it too Late to Go to College in September?

    Barry Lenson

    Does today’s blog post seem familiar to you? Well, it ought to. Every year at mid-summer, we write a post that reassures students that it is not too late to plan to start college in September, even if they have no firm plans in place. Why Not Start College Now? Maybe you applied to some colleges for September, and you didn’t get into the colleges of your choice. Maybe you were moving full steam ahead to start college this fall, but your financial aid package didn’t work out. Maybe you weren’t even planning to go to college next year, but suddenly it looks like a very good idea. (Hey, what’s wrong with that?) If you find yourself in one of those situations, don’t sweat it. And don’t beat yourself up.  You see, it ...

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  • 1,000+ Posts About Online Education!

    Barry Lenson

    When I became editor of StraighterLine blog, nobody said to me, “Get cracking! You’re going to have to get more than 1,000 posts up and running in the next three years.” But that’s what has happened, because 1,000+ posts have now appeared on our blog. And do you know what? It hasn't been difficult to create that many posts about online education. It’s actually been pretty easy, and today I’d like to share some of the reasons why . . . StraighterLine is making innovations every day. That’s why it has never been difficult to think up topics for blog posts. Every week has brought something new to report about StraighterLine’s courses, partner colleges, credit transfer programs, and so many other innovations.  So the que ...

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  • Strayer University’s StrayerBuzz Delivers Cutting-Edge Advice for Today’s Students

    Barry Lenson

    We’re proud that Strayer University is a StraighterLine Partner College.  Strayer is a unique institution that was founded to meet the needs of working adults. You can take classes online, in a classroom at one of Strayer’s many regional campuses – or you can take a combination of online and in-classroom classes. Strayer is unique in other ways too. It strives to keep its costs low  and even offers a unique program of financial aid for online students.  And if all that isn’t enough to convince you to investigate Strayer, Strayer actively welcomes veterans and members of the military.  The university even offers scholarships to service members who are on active duty. And Now Strayer Offers Even More . . . StrayerBuzz, a ...

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  • StraighterLine: The Best Place to Take Your General Education Courses

    Beth Dumbauld

    By Brittany Hege Math. Not everyone likes it, but one thing’s for sure, everyone has to endure at least one college semester of it. Avoid twiddling your thumbs in front of your professor and take your required college courses with StraighterLine. In fact, you’ll avoid the professor all together with StraighterLine online. No old man rambling on about his beloved T-bird, no too-close-for-comfort coffee breath filled chitchats, and no waiting to be dismissed to get your grilled cheese fix. (Mmmm. Grilled cheese.) Okay, so maybe you don’t mind the professor (if so, check out StraighterLine’s ProfessorDirect), but what about that heaping pile of student loans aka the elephant in the room? No one in their right mind would wish that ...

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  • Great Reasons to Get Your Business Degree Online

    Barry Lenson

    In just the last month, I’ve seen more and more magazine ads for online business programs.  I’ve seen ads on websites too. Heck, I even saw a flashy big billboard by a highway in New Jersey that pitched an online MBA program. There’s no doubt about it. There is definitely something in the air about earning business degrees online.  But when you stop to think about it, that’s not surprising. After all, earning a business degree online makes a lot of sense right now, for reasons like these . . . You don’t have to quit your day job.  I haven’t been able to find any statistics about how many students are working jobs at the same time they are studying for their business degrees, but I suspect that a lot of them are, for a ...

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