Military Education Benefits

  • How Veterans and Military Personnel Can Use DSST Tests to Earn College Credit

    Barry Lenson

    Does StraighterLine or DSST Offer You Greater Speed or Better Value? Even though this is the StraighterLine Blog, we encourage you to investigate all your educational options and be sure that you are making the choices that fit your situation best. But here's a suggestion. If you already know a lot about one of the subjects that are tested on aDSST exam, it would make a lot of sense to go ahead, take the test, and see if you can earn some college credits easily. StraighterLine offers you a different kind of opportunity. If you want to earn college credits in a subject area that is new to you - or complete a required course in order to graduate - the StraighterLine is definitely the way to go. Some StraighterLine students report that the ...

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  • We Salute All Veterans on Veterans Day

    Barry Lenson

    Have you served in the military? If so, we offer you thanks for the extraordinary service that you have given to our county. We also want to recognize all our students who have served in the military, like Sgt. Damian Baker. In addition to our thanks, we’d like to offer you something else – encouragement as you make your way in civilian life. Whether you served in the armed forces only recently or in years past, there’s no doubt that forging a successful life can be difficult. After all, we are living in a period when jobs are hard to find. Whether you are in the military now or are a veteran, online study could make a lot of sense for you. I’d urge you to read “Online Degrees Offer Soldiers More Opportunities,” an ...

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  • What is DANTES Exam?

    Beth Dumbauld

    What is the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support or DANTES exam? DANTES is the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support. DANTES’ mission is to assist U.S. military service members in meeting their educational goals. DANTES accomplishes this mission by sponsoring a wide range of examination programs. DANTES sponsored examination programs include: Credit-By-Exam: CLEP and DSST
Passing CLEP or DSST exams can help you receive college credit for what you already know. Entrance Tests: ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, SAT
Performing well on required entrance tests can help you qualify for entry into a variety of post-secondary education programs including undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs ...

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  • Great College Choices for Returning Servicemen and Women

    Barry Lenson

    Great College Choices for Returning Servicemen and Women On July 8, the city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire will host a special “Welcome Home” parade to thank returning American servicemen and women for their service in Iraq.  And from coast to coast, hundreds of organizations are kicking off special projects to make sure that our returning service people and veterans get all the support they need, as well as a heartfelt welcome.  It’s happening in Rockland County, New York,  Brownsburg, Indiana, Houston, Texas, and many other locales. A number of American colleges are joining in too, doing all they can to help veterans return to college after they arrive home. Many of these schools have special counselors who are fully up-to-dat ...

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  • An Invitation for Veterans to Go Back to College

    Barry Lenson

    An Invitation for Veterans to Go Back to College “I completed a year of college before I joined the Marines and now I want to go back and finish up,” a veteran named Jeremy emailed us recently. “Am I alone? Do you have any idea how many other veterans completed some college before going into the service?” We tried to find out how many current service people put their college work on hold before enlisting, and we couldn’t.  We did, however, find many articles online that document the fact that a growing number of veterans, thanks to the GI Bill, are finding their way back into classrooms at many of America’s colleges. A number of excellent American colleges and universities, including Excelsior College and Western Gov ...

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