Higher Education

  • What Does the Election Mean for Students?

    Barry Lenson

    Since we don’t have a crystal ball, we can’t predict exactly what this month’s election will mean for students. But as soon as the day after elections were held, a few trends began to emerge that could spell good news for students. John Boehner, the Republican Speaker of the House, said that he was hoping for more cooperation “across the aisle” with Democrats. He also said that he was not going to remain staunchly opposed to all forms of government spending or raising taxes. And in his acceptance speech, president Obama returned to the idea that cooperation between the two parties would be a very good thing. What is the best that we can hope for if the era of gridlock is really behind us? Let’s hope that issues like these wil ...

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  • How to Attend Yale Tuition-Free (and Get a Mint on Your Pillow Too!)

    Barry Lenson

    How to Attend Yale Tuition-Free (and Get a Mint on Your Pillow Too!) Would you like to go to Yale University without going through all the bother of finishing high school, taking the SATs, filling out an admissions application, or going to any annoying classes after you get in? Have we got a deal for you! A hotel called The Study at Yale promises a tweedy Ivy-League Yalie kind of experience for you and your guests. The hotel is located at 1157 Chapel Street, adjacent to campus.  If you look at the photos of the hotel on the hotel’s website, you’ll notice that the management has taken great pains to make its rooms reminiscent of dorm rooms, only more luxurious. To quote from the hotel’s online description . . . “Standard g ...

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  • Crazy Stories in American Higher Education

    Barry Lenson

      This has been a difficult year in American higher education. Tuition is soaring, endowments are shrinking, and horrid crimes have shaken campuses from coast to coast. But along with the grim news, some really funny things have happened too. Let’s take a look at some recent howlers from the world of higher education. Student Lies His Way into Harvard by Claiming He Is Fluent in Ancient Armenian A nice-looking young man named Adam Wheeler has been accused of defrauding Harvard of scholarship dollars. He got into that Ivy League university by claiming he had obtained a perfect SAT score (he didn’t), by claiming he had attended Phillips Andover and MIT (he didn’t), and that he was a scholar of ancient Armenian, among ot ...

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  • Educational Institutions Targeting Homeless Americans?

    Barry Lenson

    “Homeless Dropouts from High School Lured by For-Profit Colleges,” an article in the May 3 edition of Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine, paints an appalling picture of how some institutions of higher learning are targeting America’s homeless. The article, by reporter Daniel Gordon, relates stories like these . . .  One university staged a seminar in a homeless shelter and made a pitch for higher education before 70 homeless men. Then it moved in to give the hard sell to a handful of them who expressed interest. Gordon writes: “Such disadvantaged students are desirable because they qualify for federal grants and loans, which are largely responsible for the prosperity of for-profit colleges. Federal aid to students at for-profit ...

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