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  • Student of the Month: Nino A. Diaz

    Barry Lenson

    When he was a teenage father, Nino A. Diaz had to put his education on hold so he could work to support his family. But he is a resourceful man.  He knew that even though he was busy working, he didn’t have to stop making plans for the future. “I made a goal to graduate from college before my son completed his high school education,” he explains. “This is important to me since I have been encouraging him to attend college as a traditional age student. StraighterLine helped to reinvigorate my motivation and complete my goal of being a role model to my son.” In a recent conversation with StraighterLine, Nino A. Diaz told us even more. Let’s hear what he had to say . . . StraighterLine: What is your favorite thing about ...

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  • Mow Down The Costs of College by Taking Online Summer Classes

    Beth Dumbauld

    Mow Down The Costs of College by Taking Online Summer Classes Guest Post by Beth Dumbauld This summer it would be easy to take refuge in a hammock and let everything grow wild. Though it’s hard to say how your neighbors would feel about living next door to a suburban jungle, it’s easy to imagine how your college dreams could be thwarted by a summer of neglect. So take out your clippers, sharpen your blades and keep your brain well-tended by reading this StraighterLine Report: The Do’s and Don’ts of Taking Summer College Courses for High School Students, College Students, and Adult Learners The Nobel Prizes won’t be announced until October this year. In the meantime, as you wait to hear your name called, why not give yourself th ...

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  • Scholar of the Month: StraighterLine Student Ben Gribaudo

    Barry Lenson

    Student Profile: StraighterLine Student Ben Gribaudo What kinds of students are motivated to make the most of online education? And how does StraighterLine fit into their educational plans? We found some answers to those questions when we interviewed Ben Gribaudo, a student who used StraighterLine courses to complete his degree at Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey. Here’s how Ben explains what he did . . . StraighterLine Blog: How did you find StraighterLine? Why were you looking? Ben Gribaudo: DegreeForum was the site that helped me realize how StraighterLine could fill in holes in my degree plan. Specifically, my degree had a business communications and two accounting requirements that couldn’t be met through CLE ...

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  • StraighterLine Partner College Profile: Concordia University Chicago

    Barry Lenson

    StraighterLine Partner College Profile: Concordia University Chicago Concordia University Chicago has just joined StraighterLine’s family of Partner Colleges and Universities. If you are looking for a university that is respected worldwide for offering an education of uncompromisingly high quality, Concordia could be the school for you.  Classes are small, instructors are committed and caring. And thanks to StraighterLine’s innovative Partner College program, you could be eligible to gain admission to Concordia after completing StraighterLine courses, without going through a complex traditional application process. About Concordia University Chicago Concordia University Chicago is a liberal arts-based Christian university in t ...

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  • Getting Physical: StraighterLine Introduces Two New Physics Courses You Can Start Today

    Barry Lenson

    Getting Physical: StraighterLine Introduces Two New Physics Courses You Can Start Today Why would you want to take a college-level physics course? There are frivolous reasons, such as the fact that after studying physics you will become better at Nok-Hockey and ping pong. But there are plenty of legitimate reasons too, such as your need to complete a science course that your college requires as part of its core curriculum. If you need to take a physics course, even one that includes a laboratory component, StraighterLine has two excellent new course offerings that will get the job done . . . General Physics I This physics course is designed to acquaint you with topics in mechanics, classical electricity, and magnetism. And the goo ...

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