Finding A Job

  • Looking for a Job? The CLA+ Will Give You an Edge

    Barry Lenson

    The Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+) is a problem-based assessment test developed by the Council for Aid to Education (CAE). What gets assessed? YOU do – the CLA+ measures your analytical reasoning, problem-solving skills, written communication skills, and critical thinking. The test takes 90 minutes, it costs $89, and it is now available through StraighterLine. Why would you want to take another test, especially when you are done with school and starting to look for jobs? There are some pretty compelling reasons. The biggest one is that after you have taken the CLA+, your scores and results can show potential employers that you have the abilities, skills, and overall smarts to excel on the job that they’re trying to fill. He ...

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  • About to Graduate College? Use Online Summer Classes to Launch Your Business Career

    Barry Lenson

    I got a brochure in the mail a few weeks ago. It was attempting to sell me a summer program that my kid – a recent college grad - could take to learn how to find a job and launch a business career. The company that had created the program knows all the marketing “buttons” to push when addressing parents who are worried about their kids’ job prospects. The summer program will be held on the campus of a prestigious college, even though the program doesn’t seem to be run by that college exactly. The brochure is full of pictures of that campus – the verdant quadrangles, rolling hills in the distance, ivy-hung buildings, and all the window dressing. There are pictures of students who have supposedly emerged from the program. They ...

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  • How Online Students Can Compete with Other College Grads at Job Interviews

    Barry Lenson

    Its 2013. And it’s a great climate for online students. Students who have shown the ambition to take courses and/or finish college by taking courses online have won new respect in the marketplace. The days are gone when online students had to learn to present themselves as second-class citizens in the world of American higher education. So hold your head high as you go into job interviews. And remember these strategies. They’ll show your interviewers that you merit equal consideration alongside other graduates who went to regular “brick and mortar” schools . . . Tell your personal story. You, like most online students, probably have something unusual to say about why you chose to study online. Perhaps you were working a full- ...

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  • CNN Report: Community College Graduates Earn More than Graduates of Four-Year Colleges

    Barry Lenson

    “Community college grads out-earn bachelor's degree holder,” an article that Jon Marcus wrote for CNN Money, reports that students who finish two-year programs at community colleges are earning starting salaries that are higher than those commanded by graduates of four-year colleges. To quote from the article . . . “Berevan Omer graduated on a Friday in February with an associate's degree from Nashville State Community College and started work the following Monday as a computer-networking engineer at a local television station, making about $50,000 a year. That's 15% higher than the average starting salary for graduates - not only from community colleges, but for bachelor’s degree holders from four-year universities.” Mar ...

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  • How to Nail Your First 90 Days on a Job and Be a Great Hire

    Barry Lenson

    The good news is, you just got your first job after college. The bad news is, you might not have it for long. Over just the last few weeks, I have heard these stories . . . “I got a job, but it turns out to be more of a screening thing than a promise of long-term employment,”  says a 2012 college grad who is now working at an investment bank. “The bank told us flat out that only about half of our `class’ of eight hires will be retained after next summer. So we’re all scrapping and working endless hours and weekends so we can be among the chosen few.” “My son got a job at the bank where he interned last summer, he got excited, and then he got fired after two weeks,” says a mother of another 2012 college grad. “Now ...

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