Finding A Job

  • Which College Courses Work Hardest to Help You Land a Job?

    Barry Lenson

    I recently met a young woman who graduated from a top university back in 2012, but who was still having a hard time landing a job she wanted at a bank or investment company. The problem? She majored in philosophy. The companies where she was interviewing found that interesting, but they were wondering why she hadn’t taken any courses that demonstrated her ability to analyze data. If she had taken even one course in business statistics or calculus while she was in college, chances are that she would be working by now. That leads me to conclude that certain courses are critical to finding a first job in business today.  And apparently that belief is pretty well founded.  For example, I recently found an article entitled “Six college ...

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  • SEO Your Resume

    Barry Lenson

    Once upon a time, early humans printed out their resumes on paper and sent them through the mail. Today, of course, resumes are an electronic thing. Job-seekers create them on computers and then upload them onto job boards and employers’ HR sites when they are applying for specific jobs. After a resume resides in those places, more electronic processes take place. Mostly, the hiring officers who are trying to fill jobs will use key term searches to find qualified candidates. If a social media company is looking for candidates who know back-end computer skills such as CSS, HTML, Flash, and JavaScript, for example, that employer is going to search for those terms. If your resume doesn’t contain them, you and your resume won’t be foun ...

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  • Find Your Next Job at a Virtual Job Fair

    Barry Lenson

    If you’ve been to job fairs, you know how frustrating they can be. You show up with a pile of resumes – just like hundreds of other people do. You talk with representatives from a few companies and give them one of your resumes – just like hundreds of other people do.  You attend a few breakout sessions and watch a few company videos  – just like hundreds of other people do.  Then when it’s over you and those hundreds of other people leave, wondering whether your resume has landed in the right pile and whether you are going to hear anything from any hiring companies. A Better Way to Find Your Next Job Enter the virtual job fair. It takes the whole job fair experience online, and makes the whole process work better for bot ...

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  • 14 Secure Jobs that Don’t Require a College Degree

    Barry Lenson

    “Top 14 Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree,” a recent article on the ABC News site, lists 14 jobs that promise security, a decent living wage . . . but which don’t require a college degree. The list was developed by CareerCast using data from the U.S. Department of Commerce. Here are the jobs that made the list . . . Web developer. Median salary: $75,660. Projected employment growth through 2020: 22%. Communications equipment mechanic. Median salary: $54,710. Projected employment growth through 2020: 15%. Electrician. Median salary: $48,250. Projected employment growth through 2020: 23%. Paralegal assistant. Median salary: $46,680. Projected employment growth through 2020: 18%. Plumber. Median salary: $46,660. Pr ...

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  • Graduating from College? It’s Time to Review Your Resume

    Barry Lenson

    It’s so unfair. You’re about to graduate from college. And just as soon as you take off your cap and gown and party with your college friends for the last time in your old college haunts, you’re expected to go out and start looking for a job. Life’s not fair. But instead of dwelling on the negatives, let’s face the fact that it will be a lot easier to get a job if you have a great resume. Think of your resume as your personal secret agent. You can’t sneak into the HR department and sit on the desk of somebody who is hiring. But your resume can. You can’t walk up to a possible new boss and say, “Look at me, I AM GREAT!” But your resume can do that for you. So instead of resisting writing or reviewing your resume, get a l ...

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