Financial Aid

  • Applying for Scholarships Or as I like to call it, “Winning at Tuition”

    Beth Dumbauld

    By Danielle Koons I found out today that FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. So when people say, “Hey, have you applied for FAFSAyet?” they’re really saying, “Hey, have you applied for a free application for federal student aid?” Is it proper toapply for an application? I feel that may be redundant. Regardless of their poorly chosen acronym, I love free money and college students can’t be choosers. Luckily for us, there are thousands of different scholarships available- we just have to know where to look. Now, I could give you a break down of how to apply for FAFSA but the website provides a fairly fantastic walk through. Go and fill in your information. Name, SSN, etc. Easy ...

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  • April 15th Coming Up Fast . . .

    Jaime Dalbke

    A Quick Review of Tax Basics You don’t have to become an accountant to minimize the taxes you pay. And depending on the complexity of your financial situation, you might not need to hire one either. But whether you do your taxes yourself or bring in a pro, you can still avoid some of the bigger mistakes that can cause you to overpay or get audited. Here are some very basic tax strategies that are covered in more detail on Over-withholding is bad . . . and so is under-withholding. If you are either getting a big refund or writing a big tax check this year, be sure to adjust your withholding for 2010. One of the best ways to avoid getting audited is to file your taxes on time. When you file late, you are alre ...

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