Engineering Degrees

  • What Are The Top Degrees In Demand For The Future?

    What Are The Top Degrees In Demand For The Future?
    Beth Dumbauld

    You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the top in-demand degrees for the future center around careers in science, engineering and finance ...

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  • What Are The Most Common Majors Of Fortune 500 CEOs?

    What Are The Most Common Majors Of Fortune 500 CEOs?
    Beth Dumbauld

    What are the best, or most common college majors of fortune 500 CEOs? It’s no big surprise that engineering and business are the most common ones. People who studied engineering and business account for 44% of the fortune 500 CEOs. Why are these so common, and what is it about these degrees that help people become CEOs? The Most Common Majors Of Fortune 500 CEOs Engineering is a massive field with over 25 specialties, a few of which are mechanical, civil, chemical, electrical and computer engineering. These specialties allow engineers to work in all industries, ultimately making their career options nearly unlimited. Engineering majors also take an assortment of courses, including, math, science, writing and technical courses. With such ...

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  • High Paying Science Jobs That Are In Demand

    High Paying Science Jobs That Are In Demand
    Beth Dumbauld

    There are plenty of high-paying science jobs you can choose from, depending upon the degree you earn. If tackling challenging problems, conducting long-term research and meticulously documenting results appeals to you, then consider these science fields when you graduate from college. Biologist Biomedical Engineer Chemist Geologist Nuclear Engineer Physicist Research & Development Technical Writer Biologists study living organisms and how they interact within certain environments. It is a very important field of science. This is why Biologists are well-paid in the United States. Biomedical Engineering combines medicine and biology to improve healthcare, by offering innovative ways to diagnose, and monitor ...

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  • How Do You Decide Which Engineering Career is Right for You?

    How Do You Decide Which Engineering Career is Right for You?
    Beth Dumbauld

    Whether you start your engineering career with an associate or a bachelor's degree, your career options are many – and your job outlook is excellent. Because engineering covers such a broad range of job roles, you’ll first need to explore the different career paths you can take in engineering, such as: Engineering technician (which requires only a certificate or an associate degree), or Engineer (which requires a bachelor's degree). Common engineering career paths include: civil, electrical engineer, petroleum, aerospace, environmental, industrial, mechanical, biomedical, computer, and nuclear engineers. Want to know how to get started? Get your free personalized degree plan today! Then you’ll need to take a closer look a ...

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  • How to Get Started in Engineering

    How to Get Started in Engineering
    Beth Dumbauld

    Considering a career in engineering? Smart move - particularly if career growth, stability, and job opportunity are important to you. There are a variety of career paths in engineering and your income prospects are excellent. The number of STEM jobs (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is projected to grow more than 9 million between 2012 and 2022. College graduates with an engineering degree earn higher-than-average salaries. According to a recent National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) study, the average salary for college graduates earning engineering degrees is $64,891– the highest average salary for all academic majors. Need to know how to get started? Download our free guide on How to Go back to College t ...

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