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  • What’s Wrong with AP Classes?

    Barry Lenson

    I bet that you’ve noticed something. It’s that something is not working right with AP classes. Sure, tons of students take Advanced Placement classes and exams. But how are those classes and tests helping those students? Here’s a case study from the town where I live. In my town, just about all students in the high school take AP classes. All those students, and their parents too, are eager to pull all the strings they can to get their kids into the best colleges possible. That all sounds pretty positive, until you examine the realities of the situation, which is that first students get tutored to get into AP classes, then they get tutored so they will do well in the classes, then they get tutored so they will do well on the AP e ...

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  • What is UExcel or UExcel Exam?

    Beth Dumbauld

    UExcel is a credit-by-exam (CBE) program offered through an alliance between Pearson, an education company, and Excelsior College. UExcel offers 8 exams in a variety of subjects which can help you earn college credit for what you already know. UExcel exams are currently offered for the following college-level subjects: Calculus College Writing Introduction to Psychology Introduction to Sociology Physics Political Science Spanish Language Statistics Students who pass UExcel exams earn college credit on an official transcript from Excelsior College. UExcel exams are also eligible for ACE CREDIT. Currently nearly 2,000 colleges consider UExcel exams for transfer credit. Since each college sets its own transfer credit po ...

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  • What is Credit-By-Exam or CBE?

    Beth Dumbauld

    CBE is Credit-By-Exam. A Credit-By-Exam (CBE) program allows you to earn college credit for what you already know. Students can pick and choose college-level subject matter exams from a variety of credit-by-exam providers. Passing tests through a credit-by-exam program offers students the opportunity to earn college credit, advanced placement or transfer credit to thousands of colleges and universities. Credit-by-Exam providers include: CLEP DSST UExcel AP Each exam program sets its own testing schedule and has its own test taking centers. All credit-by-exam programs have specified waiting periods before you are able to retake any exam for credit. You can also earn college credit by taking self-paced online college cou ...

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  • What is ACE CREDIT?

    Beth Dumbauld

    What is the American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service or ACE CREDIT? ACE CREDIT is the American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service. ACE CREDIT recommendations are used by students to obtain college credit or advanced college placement for formal courses or exams taken outside the traditional classroom. Students commonly take formal courses and exams eligible for ACE CREDIT through: Online college course providers Businesses Unions Government Military Associations ACE CREDIT Registry and Transcript Service is able to keep a lifelong record of all your ACE CREDIT recommendations. Earning ACE CREDIT recommendations for your formal coursework or exams does not guara ...

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  • What is a Prior Learning Assessment or PLA?

    Beth Dumbauld

    A PLA is a Prior Learning Assessment. A PLA (Prior Learning Assessment) assists individuals who have gained significant subject-matter expertise through life experience to document that knowledge and earn college credit. Typically, a PLA is administered through an educational provider as a college credit-bearing course. A PLA results in a portable, verifiable portfolio of skills and knowledge that has been evaluated by a college faculty member in the relevant subject area(s). Recommendations for college credit are made based on the learning outcomes demonstrated by this portfolio. These college credit recommendations can then be used as transfer credit for college courses by receiving colleges and universities. A PLA is also used as ...

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