Dual Enrollment

  • StraighterLine woos The Bridge School - Education Meant for Each Other

    Jaime Dalbke

    StraighterLine woos The Bridge School - education meant for each other StraighterLine’s mission to help ease the escalating cost of four-year college tuition and avoid serious student debt just got even easier. Feel free to exhale now – phew! StraighterLine announced recently that The Bridge School, an education leader offering flexible and individualized opportunities for students to earn high school diplomas through online instruction, has partnered with them to offer dual enrollment options for students. That’s dual enrollment, not dual-wielding. You’re not Master Chief and this isn’t Halo on Xbox 360. The partnership will benefit students who successfully complete StraighterLine’s online college courses because not on ...

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  • Does Your High School Guidance Counselor Know about StraighterLine?

    Barry Lenson

    Are you working with a high school guidance counselor? If so, it might be a good time to point out that StraighterLine’s courses can play an important role in preparing you for college . . . StraighterLine courses can help you make important career choices. If you think you might be interested in becoming an accountant, for example, why not take Accounting I at StraighterLine while you are still in high school? Or if you are thinking of majoring in business, why not take Business Statistics? The lessons you learn can guide you to the right career, and to the school that does the best job of preparing you for it. StraighterLine lets you prepare strategically for courses that your college will require. If you’ll have to take English ...

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  • New Ways to Start College While You’re in High School

    Barry Lenson

    As college costs soar, more students are discovering the idea of earning college credits while they’re still in high school. Of course, this idea has been around for decades, in the form of advanced placement courses (AP Tests). But there are other initiatives that let students combine high school with college. Let’s take a closer look. What Bard College Is Doing Leon Botstein, the president of Bard College, is an innovator. Back in 2008, he launched Bard High School Early College in Queens, New York. At BHSEC, students earn both high school diplomas and associate of arts degrees in just four years. The result? Students can usually earn a bachelors degree two years after finishing high school. The concept worked so well that ...

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