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  • Thinking Smarter About Degree Completion

    Thinking Smarter About Degree Completion
    Beth Dumbauld

    At StraighterLine, we want to help you achieve the goal of a college degree, and we also want to encourage you to think about all the available ways you can complete your education. You can save both time and money if you just do a bit of research and think outside of the box ...

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  • 13 Great Benefits Of Online Learning

    13 Great Benefits Of Online Learning
    Beth Dumbauld

    The benefits of online learning can't be beat when it comes to earning your college degree. If you're on the fence about online classes vs. traditional classes, then read on about the (lucky) 13 benefits of taking college course online! A large variety of courses to choose from - did you know you can earn college course credits for almost any course you can think of? Whether it's algebra, English composition or even biology lab work, there's a course you can take online. You can even study humanities, sociology and business administration. Multiple ways to communicate with your professor - the great thing about online classes vs. traditional classes is the flexibility you have to communicate with your professor. It's not always conv ...

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  • There’s Still Time to Take Summer Classes!

    There’s Still Time to Take Summer Classes!
    Beth Dumbauld

    Does it seem like the start of the school year is suddenly just around the corner? Feeling stressed because you intended to enroll in classes this summer but never quite got around to it? Somehow, summer seems like it should be endless, but the truth is, it only lasts around 12 weeks. If you need to earn credit this summer -- don't worry -- you still have time.  It’s absolutely possible to meet your summer college goals -- and earn college credit. We'll show you how. Take a Good Look at Why You Have Not Started Your Course Is your schedule, or lack of schedule, getting in the way of your course plans? For many students, setting aside a specific time to complete your required academic work is essential. Or perhaps you have set ...

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  • 5 Tips for Succeeding in Online Courses

    5 Tips for Succeeding in Online Courses
    Beth Dumbauld

    As an online learner, you may have found yourself asking, “What does it take to succeed in my courses?” Every day at StraighterLine, we help online learners do just that. Our affordable, self-paced courses are designed with student success in mind, but it’s good to consider that some strategies can be adopted that will further contribute to a successful online learning experience. Here are some tips to help you become an online student success story: 1 - Don’t Give Up. This may seem like a no-brainer, but simple persistence is perhaps the biggest factor in making it as an online student. You may encounter roadblocks along the way that aren’t typically found in traditional classroom-based education: technical difficulties, for ...

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  • Get a Head-Start on Your New Year's Resolutions: Taking Courses over Winter Break

    Get a Head-Start on Your New Year's Resolutions: Taking Courses over Winter Break
    Beth Dumbauld

    By Danika Rockett, Ph.D. If you're like many college students, you might have a break coming up after the holidays. And if you are one of the 31 million American adults with some college credit under your belt but you haven't yet completed your degree, you might be thinking about academic goals as part of your New Year's resolution list. The coming weeks might be the perfect time to think about finishing your degree. Earn Your Degree Faster or Catch Up Lots of colleges have winter breaks ahead of spring semester, and for many students this offers an opportunity to relax and step away from the stress of studying for exams and coursework. However, some students use this time either to catch up on courses they need for their degr ...

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