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  • Students Find Satisfaction and Success in StraighterLine Courses

    Barry Lenson

    Nobody Says It Better . . . than Your Fellow StraighterLine Students Here on the StraighterLine Blog, we spend a lot of time writing about how terrific StraighterLine courses are. But today, let’s let StraighterLine students say what they think about us. Ready for some honest feedback from students? Okay, here you go . . . “At StraighterLine the classes are great. They are classes that you would take at any university or any college. It’s all online, and that’s actually a benefit for working moms. The cost affordability of StraighterLine is great. I’m paying $100 a month and classes are $49. And that’s with a proctor, a tutor who’s available to you 24/7. It’s almost too good to be true.” - StraighterLine student Eb ...

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  • Get to Know StraighterLine with Me, Chris the Intern

    Beth Dumbauld

    By Christopher Lane Close your eyes (but keep reading) and imagine that you are a new intern—crazy I know—and you have just been given the opportunity to work for the greatest online education company. You do not have to run and get coffee. You do not wear a shirt that says “I am an intern, nice to not meet you too.” Instead you are treated like a king/queen and given trust in a huge social mission to bring affordable online education to all! Now open them. Wow, you daydream about interning at StraighterLine too? Hi! My name is Christopher – you can call me Chris – and I am currently living the dream as the new marketing intern at StraighterLine. My calendar entry for the very first day was quite normal – aside from t ...

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  • Learn Chemistry Faster with Help from StraighterLine Videos

    Barry Lenson

    Whether you’re studying chemistry online or in the classroom, things can get pretty confusing pretty fast. A “mole” is no longer a little animal that burrows through your lawn, for example. A “significant figure” is more than how much money you have left in your checking account. And having a low “boiling point” doesn’t mean that you blow your top when you’re standing in a line. But here’s some good news for you. StraighterLine offers 50 instructional chemistry videos on its YouTube channel.  They’re free, they’re great – and they’ll explain some pretty complex topics for you in just a few minutes. Be sure to check them all out – chances are that there is one that will help you tackle any Chemistry ...

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  • It’s Easier to Learn Precalculus with StraighterLine’s YouTube Videos

    Barry Lenson

    Here’s just a quick tip for you today – if you’re stuck on a precalculus problem or concept, chances are you will find the help you’re seeking in one of the StraighterLine precalculus videos that you’ll find on YouTube. Each video delivers a powerful dose of learning in nine minutes or fewer. Be sure to check them all out! Here’s just a selection of the videos you’ll find . . . Application of Newton's Law of Cooling  Application Periodic Investments Application with Logarithms  Applications for Point Slope Form Applications for Slope Intercept Form Basic Trigonometric Functions Equations Involving Rational Exponents How to Calculate Parallel and Perpendicular Lines How to Convert Between Degrees an ...

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  • Learning Chemistry Is Easy with StraighterLine’s Online Videos

    Barry Lenson

    If you’re studying chemistry in high school or college, here’s some good news for you. Chemistry just got easier to learn than ever before, thanks to 50 instructional chemistry videos that have recently been added to StraighterLine’s YouTube channel. Be sure to check them all out – chances are that there is one that will help you tackle any chem problem you’re facing today. Here’s just a small selection . . . . What are the Properties of Liquids? Surface Tension, Viscosity, Special Properties Lattice Energy of Ionic Compounds, How to Find Ionic Energy of Salt Writing Lewis Structures Covalent Bond vs. Ionic Bond What Does it Mean for a Molecule to Have a Dipole Moment? Molecular Geometry Examples with VSEPR ...

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