Saving on College

  • Education is Expensive – Lowering the Cost of College 

    Education is Expensive – Lowering the Cost of College 
    Beth Dumbauld

    College is expensive. With tuition going up by 70 percent or more in some parts of the country, even a public education seems to be slipping out of reach for a population whose earnings haven’t gone up at the same rate. At the same time, a college degree is more important than ever for students seeking well-paying careers. The solution for a generation of students: taking out loans to pay for education, and entering into costly payment plans. But as tuitions continue to rise, many people are questioning that concept too. Just how much debt should a person take on? Is there another way to make college affordable? There is another way, one that is quickly picking up steam: enrolling with affordable, accredited online institutions. H ...

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  • How to Get Started in Engineering

    How to Get Started in Engineering
    Beth Dumbauld

    Considering a career in engineering? Smart move - particularly if career growth, stability, and job opportunity are important to you. There are a variety of career paths in engineering and your income prospects are excellent. The number of STEM jobs (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is projected to grow more than 9 million between 2012 and 2022. College graduates with an engineering degree earn higher-than-average salaries. According to a recent National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) study, the average salary for college graduates earning engineering degrees is $64,891– the highest average salary for all academic majors. Need to know how to get started? Download our free guide on How to Go back to College t ...

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  • Finding a Biology Lab Online: A StraighterLine Success Story

    Beth Dumbauld

    Cynthia Matthews was sitting in her student advisor’s office at Grambling State University. With the help of her student advisor, she was going through a last-minute checklist to finalize the details of her upcoming graduation. It was a proud moment for this mother of five. She had completed all of the requirements necessary to earn her bachelor’s degree. “After my last child finished high school, people would ask me what was I going to do with myself,” said Cynthia. “For me, it was never a question. I was going to go back to school and earn my college degree.” Want to try an online class? Take two free lessons on us today! Education has always been extremely important to Cynthia. “I work at a high school as an admini ...

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  • Love What You Do & Earn a Bachelor's Degree Faster: A StraighterLine Success Story

    Love What You Do & Earn a Bachelor's Degree Faster: A StraighterLine Success Story
    Beth Dumbauld

    Deirdre Henderson is very clear about her educational and career goals. However, that hasn’t always been the case. When she first started working at Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide seven years ago as an executive assistant, she was just glad to have a job and an employer that she liked. Also, she enjoyed working in the hotel industry. Then she discovered accounting - and in that field, she found her calling. In fact, she loves it: “The accounting department was located next to the office where HR was located. Over time, I became interested in what they were doing for the company, and eventually took a position in accounts payable. As soon as I started working in the accounting department, I decided this is it. This is what I wa ...

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  • 3 Smart Ways to Use / ReInvest a Tax Refund for College Students

    3 Smart Ways to Use / ReInvest a Tax Refund for College Students
    Beth Dumbauld

    Will you be getting a tax refund this year? If so, you're not alone. The Internal Revenue Service anticipates more than 7 in 10 taxpayers will receive a refund in 2016. Last year, the average refund was $2,797.  That's a sizable amount. Do you already have plans for that refund money? If so, you might be like most taxpayers and use your refund to pay down debt, according to a survey from GOBankingRates. Or you'll use the money to increase your savings. Or you might yet be undecided. If you are a working adult looking to get ahead in your career, here are 3 other ways to make the most of your tax refund. 1. Take college classes Americans are in the habit of using refunds towards savings or paying down debt. You can ...

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