College Education

  • How Two Little Letters Could Stand Between You and Your Diploma

    Beth Dumbauld

    By Brittany Hege Whether we're getting flipped off for cutting someone off in traffic, or maybe we're just expressing ourselves after feeling the initial sharp pain of a headache or electric bill (they go hand-in-hand), swearing just sort of happens sometimes, often; without consequence. But what about when it happens during a public speech in front of hundreds? According to a news article by Stephanie Grimes of, an Oklahoma valedictorian was denied her diploma for using profanity in her Prague High School graduation speech. That's right, Kaitlin Nootbaar “deviated from her pre-approved script by two letters,” enough for the school to deny the student her diploma. Concerning his daughter's speech, David Nootbaar s ...

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  • Goodbye Mr. Chips . . . and this time, he’s really gone

    Barry Lenson

    Have you ever seen the sweet, sentimenal movie, Goodbye Mr. Chips?  There are actually two films with that title. One dates from 1939, and the other from 1969. Both tell the story of an aging, beloved teacher who finds his world devastated when the boys he has taught die on the battlefields of World War I. If you go to one of these films, you better bring a skid of Kleenex. It’s pretty outdated stuff, but somehow it lives on. On some level, many college students expect to be inspired and motivated by a tweedy old professor. (You knock on his office door, an old voice croaks, “come in” and there behind a cloud of pipe smoke you find tottering old Professor Qumquat, who imparts his or her wisdom to you and your equally inspired cl ...

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  • Where Obama, Romney, Biden and Ryan Earned Degrees

    Barry Lenson

    It’s Debatable . . . Where Obama, Romney, Biden and Ryan Earned Degrees A college degree doesn’t necessarily make for a memorable U.S. president or vice president. Heck, president Calvin Coolidge (aka “Cool Cal”) went to the prestigious Amherst College in Massachusetts, and how much do we remember about his accomplishments now? But as our presidential and vice-presidential contenders slug it out on the national stage, it’s interesting to review their educational credentials. So here goes . . . President Barack Obama attended Occidental College (1979-1981), transferred and graduated from Columbia University in 1983, then graduated from Harvard Law School in 1991. Governor Mitt Romney attended Stanford University (1965 ...

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  • Working in the Office vs. Working on The Office

    Beth Dumbauld

    Working in the Office vs. Working on The Office By Danielle Koons Sometimes I make lists of things that go unappreciated. Yesterday I added “nail polish remover” and “a decent pepper shaker” to my list. I also make lists of things that are overrated, like the romance in Paris. Let’s be honest here, the women in Europe don’t shave. That alone has killed a good percentage of the romance. Oh, and the Beatles. Yeah, I said it. But that’s for another day. What I wanted to talk about is on my list of unappreciated things: acting and higher education. People often assume that movie stars are all high school dropouts who, through a series of amazing luck and seedy dealings, made it to the top. Actually, there are many famous ac ...

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  • Should You Hire an Interior Designer for Your Dorm Room?

    Barry Lenson

    Should You Hire an Interior Designer for Your Dorm Room? Let me tell you about how my room was decorated when I was in college.  The centerpiece was a bicycle wheel, missing the tire, that I found lying on the street. I painted it and mounted it on a piece of wood and attached an electric motor from an old clock, so that the wheel rotated very slowly. When I put my desk lamp behind the wheel, its shadow was projected onto the ceiling.  It looked huge. My friends and I would lie on the floor and watch that immense shadow turning round and round. Far out! Well, that wouldn’t cut it today.  Word has it that more college students and their parents are hiring professional interior designers to turn standard-issue dorms into meaningful p ...

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