College Education

  • Burck Smith on the Changing Model of Education

    Barry Lenson

    The Changing Model of Higher Education: Burck Smith’s Comments to the American Enterprise Institute As we have written in the past, our CEO Burck Smith is one of the real innovators in American higher education. We were reminded about that again recently when we reviewed this video of some comments he made to members of the American Enterprise Institute. Here are some outtakes from what he had to say. On the past structure of American higher education . . .   “In the late 1800’s, we basically decided that yes, college is a public good, and we do want to subsidize it, and the market will not fulfill it. So at that time, in the late 1800s, college was pretty clearly defined. It was a clear, time-delimited, resident ...

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  • What Does the Election Mean for Students?

    Barry Lenson

    Since we don’t have a crystal ball, we can’t predict exactly what this month’s election will mean for students. But as soon as the day after elections were held, a few trends began to emerge that could spell good news for students. John Boehner, the Republican Speaker of the House, said that he was hoping for more cooperation “across the aisle” with Democrats. He also said that he was not going to remain staunchly opposed to all forms of government spending or raising taxes. And in his acceptance speech, president Obama returned to the idea that cooperation between the two parties would be a very good thing. What is the best that we can hope for if the era of gridlock is really behind us? Let’s hope that issues like these wil ...

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  • Won't It Be Great When . . . Textbooks Become Obsolete?

    Barry Lenson

    I’m the father of a student who graduated college last year – and high school four years before that. So I know that textbooks cost hundreds of dollars each year and each semester. I also know that they become obsolete as soon as they are used, because publishers issue new editions every year, faster than those moles pop up their heads in boardwalk games. Money, money . . . it evaporates when you’re buying college textbooks.  And then you end up with a pile of old books that you can’t even sell. So I was pleased to discover that Arne Duncan, the U.S. Secretary of Education, recently stated that printed texts will not only soon be obsolete, but that they should become obsolete. As a benchmark, he pointed to South Korea, wh ...

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  • StraighterLine CEO Shares “Disruptive” Ideas on Maryland Public Television

    Barry Lenson

    In case you haven’t noticed, we’re proud of our CEO, Burck Smith. He’s one of a small group of visionary innovators who are changing the shape of American higher education so that it will serve students better. If you’d like to hear some of his “disruptive” ideas about how American higher education can be improved, here’s an interview that Burck Smith recently gave on Maryland Public Television . . . And by the Way . . . If you don't have time to watch the full video above, you can still CLICK HERE and spend only 30 seconds meeting Burck Smith in a brief video. Take a look. You are going to like what he has to say. ...

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  • Today’s Lesson: How to Become a Teacher

    Jeffrey Simons

    By Jeffrey Simons Ever since 1834, when Pennsylvania became the first state to require future teachers to pass a test of reading, writing and arithmetic, the process of becoming a teacher has been in a constant state of flux. If you’re wondering how to become a teacher today, teachers must possess a bachelor’s degree, as well as a state-issued certification or license. And that’s just the minimum. Many teachers have to go back to school to get advanced degrees or flesh out subject matter mastery to stay competitive. Some states now require teachers to earn a master’s degree after receiving their certification. Getting a degree in education can lead to more than just a job as a teacher. The highest paying positions in the fi ...

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