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  • Herzing University: Partner College Profile

    Barry Lenson

    StraighterLine is proud to announce that Herzing University is now one of our Partner Colleges When you first hear about Herzing University and investigate what it’s all about, the first thing you’ll probably think is, “Herzing is America’s only university that is owned by a woman, Renée Herzing. That’s unique.” Then you read about a Herzing student who earned both his Bachelor’s and his MBA in four years, and you think again, “That’s unique.” Then you learn that Herzing has a dozen campuses located across America and think, “That’s unique too.” And on it goes – with every page you turn and every fact you learn, you keep discovering that Herzing is uniquely different from most other American schools. An ...

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  • StraighterLine Student of the Month: Margaret Robertson

    Barry Lenson

    When the recession made Margaret Robertson shut her business down, she didn’t slow down a bit. She turned to education and StraighterLine to explore new career options and achieve new success. Let’s hear Margaret’s story in this recent conversation with the StraighterLine blog. StraighterLine: Can you tell me a little about yourself - where you live, what you do, and what your career and educational plans are? Margaret Robertson:  My name is Margaret Robertson and I live in a tiny country town in East Texas called Elysian Fields. I am a mother of five, plus one more child that we recently took into our home. I also have one four-month-old granddaughter and another due in August. I have been in the hair business for 23 years, mo ...

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  • What to Do If You Don’t Get Into the College of Your Choice

    What to Do If You Don’t Get Into the College of Your Choice
    Barry Lenson

    College acceptance letters will be arriving soon. So will college rejection letters. If you’re a student who has been waiting to see how you will fare, you’ll spread out all those letters on your kitchen table, take stock, and see what your options are. Let’s take a look at what could happen, and what you next steps should be. Scenario One: You got into the college that was your top choice. Congratulations, you won the game of college admissions. But before you send in your deposit and put a college sticker on your car, consider going back to campus for an overnight. (Most colleges offer accepted students the option of making overnight visits.) Want to try an online college class before your enroll? Take two free lessons on us ...

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  • Trident University International a Partner College Profile

    Barry Lenson

    “The Trident experience has taught me that whatever I want to do, I can achieve it regardless of how old or late in career, it's never too late to meet your dreams.” - Dr. Dolores Gordon, Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Trident University International StraighterLine is proud to announce that our newest Partner College is Trident University International. If you are looking for a university that offers you all this, TUI is a school that merits your consideration . . . A university that welcomes you, no matter your age, background, prior academic performance, or other factors that could prevent you from completing your college education elsewhere. State-of-the-art online learning that allows you to complete your degree a ...

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  • CNN Report: Community College Graduates Earn More than Graduates of Four-Year Colleges

    Barry Lenson

    “Community college grads out-earn bachelor's degree holder,” an article that Jon Marcus wrote for CNN Money, reports that students who finish two-year programs at community colleges are earning starting salaries that are higher than those commanded by graduates of four-year colleges. To quote from the article . . . “Berevan Omer graduated on a Friday in February with an associate's degree from Nashville State Community College and started work the following Monday as a computer-networking engineer at a local television station, making about $50,000 a year. That's 15% higher than the average starting salary for graduates - not only from community colleges, but for bachelor’s degree holders from four-year universities.” Mar ...

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