College Education

  • For Moms Going Back To School, A Thank You From The Future

    Beth Dumbauld

    By Beth Dumbauld Dear Moms Going Back to College, Thank you Mom for believing in your academic and career potential even when times got tough. You never abandoned your college dreams even when the busy-ness of life got in the way. Your persistence, diligence, and flexibility paid off. By taking college courses online, and earning your degree, you are successful proof that: It is Never Too Late to Earn Your College Degree Thank you Mom for taking college courses, even when you had a new baby. You were tired, so very tired – yet you persevered. Sure, it was almost easy to lose sight of your dreams in the day-to-day of the mundane, yet you kept focus. Because you enrolled in college courses online, in the midst of changing diapers a ...

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  • Cecil College a Partner College Profile

    Barry Lenson

    Up until now, there haven’t been many community colleges that pride themselves for excellence in online education. That has now changed, thanks to Cecil College, a two-year public community college that offers transfer, career-credit and non-credit continuing education courses on an open-enrollment basis to all students who are eager to start their college studies. If you’re looking for a college that is eager to welcome you, which will help you obtain funding for your education, and which offers online learning options that accommodate your busy life, Cecil could be the college for you. About Cecil College . . . Centrally located in Maryland’s most northeastern county, Cecil College is just one half mile from Interstate 95. ...

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  • Get Your Questions Answered Faster with StraighterLine’s Chat Hours

    Barry Lenson

    In your search for online education, chances are that you’ve been in a situation like this. You just found a great-looking course, but before you enroll, you’ve got some questions to ask . . . When does the course start? What payment options are available? What kind of computer equipment do you need? Will you be able to ask your instructor questions while you’re taking classes? Are there any exams and where can you take them? How can you transfer credits to your regular college or university? Those are important questions, and you need answers to them quickly. That’s why StraighterLine has just expanded its online chat hours, which are now . . . Monday-Friday, 9:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M., EST Saturday-Sunday, 11:0 ...

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  • Why High School Students Can Benefit from Taking College Courses Online this Summer

    Barry Lenson

    [Updated 3/16] Are you about to graduate from high school? Do you still have a year or two to go? In either case, here’s a suggestion for the months ahead . . . Take a few college courses online this summer. Maybe you’re thinking that other priorities that come first, like taking an SAT prep class or attending a summer program at a prep school or college. Those activities might be a good idea, but taking college classes online could be even better, for a lot of reasons. Want to see how it works? Take two free lessons on us today! Taking online courses can help you . . . Boost your SAT and ACT scores, especially in the math portions of the tests. And if you’re taking any SAT II’s, taking the right college courses onlin ...

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  • Pine Manor College a Partner College Profile

    Barry Lenson

    StraighterLine is proud  to welcome our newest partner college, Pine Manor College. So, what is Pine Manor College like, and why is it so unique? Let’s take a closer look . . . It is a traditional New England college . . . yet it is dedicated to welcoming people of all nationalities and backgrounds. It is centered on educating women who have exceptional potential . . . yet it makes a place for talented young men too in its Associate of Arts Program too. It is located in a beautiful, country-like setting . . . yet it is only a short distance from downtown Boston and that city’s educational and cultural resources. It is renowned for its writing program . . . yet it also educates students to become leaders in both their c ...

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