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  • Students Find Satisfaction and Success in StraighterLine Courses

    Barry Lenson

    Nobody Says It Better . . . than Your Fellow StraighterLine Students Here on the StraighterLine Blog, we spend a lot of time writing about how terrific StraighterLine courses are. But today, let’s let StraighterLine students say what they think about us. Ready for some honest feedback from students? Okay, here you go . . . “At StraighterLine the classes are great. They are classes that you would take at any university or any college. It’s all online, and that’s actually a benefit for working moms. The cost affordability of StraighterLine is great. I’m paying $100 a month and classes are $49. And that’s with a proctor, a tutor who’s available to you 24/7. It’s almost too good to be true.” - StraighterLine student Eb ...

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  • StraighterLine’s CEO Burck Smith Interviewed in The Evolllution

    Barry Lenson

    The Evolllution (those extra “L’s” mean ILluminating the Life Long Learning Movement) is an online newspaper that covers important trends and people in education. So it’s not surprising that the publication recently published an interview with StraighterLine’s CEO, Burck Smith. If you’re interested in what’s happening on the leading edge of learning, you’ll want to read this interview. But until you do, here are a few outtakes of what Smith has to say . . . Why so many different providers are entering the higher education marketplace today . . . “Well, I think what you’re seeing in the marketplace is a lowering of the barriers to entry. Online learning in particular; it does not cost very much to create an onlin ...

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  • Upper Iowa University a StraighterLine Partner College Profile

    Barry Lenson

    We are proud to announce that Upper Iowa University has become the latest StraighterLine Partner college. Better yet, Upper Iowa University could be just the college for you. Let’s take a closer look. About Upper Iowa University Because Upper Iowa University is a StraighterLine Partner College, it’s ready to accept the credits that you earn in the courses that you take at StraighterLine. Then you can apply directly for admission to the University. Upper Iowa University was recently named one of the best online programs in the United States by U.S. News. That’s no surprise to the students who have already discovered this fine school. Whether you're looking for an on-campus learning experience or global access to online a ...

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  • How to Graduate from Eleven Colleges in Two Hours

    Barry Lenson

    Above: See Ali G's blockbuster speech at Harvard University Class Day, 2013 The robes and mortarboards have been returned, the folding chairs are stored away.  Those are sure signs that most of 2013’s college graduation ceremonies are done. Yet thanks to YouTube, you can watch dozens of commencement speeches that were given just a few days ago by famous people. It’s almost as good as going to all those graduations. Actually it’s better, because you don’t have to sit in the pelting sun for hours and hours while hundreds of kids who you don’t even know parade by. Here’s a selection of pretty cool 2013 commencement speeches that you can watch right now on YouTube. All the names below are clickable, so get ready for some ...

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  • Why StraighterLine?

    Barry Lenson

    My colleagues at StraighterLine recently asked me to write a post entitled, “Why StraighterLine?” What a great idea. Because you see, there are so many reasons why StraighterLine makes so much sense for so many people. Let’s review them, one by one . . . StraighterLine is amazingly affordable. If you need to earn three college credits before you can graduate from college, for example, you are going to pay more than $1,000, even at your local community college. Yet students tell me all the time that they can earn those same three credits at StraighterLine for as little as a few hundred dollars. And then there is the fact that students can complete their freshman year of college at StraighterLine for not much more than $1,000. No ...

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