College Costs

  • How a Math Teacher Saved Big on His Degree with Online College Courses. A StraighterLine Success Story.

    Beth Dumbauld

    Before deciding to enroll at StraighterLine partner Excelsior College, Peter Kennedy had over a hundred existing college credits earned from 3 different countries, yet had never officially earned his college degree.  Even though he had been a math teacher for years, Peter knew it was time to get his diploma. Lots of Credits, No Degree Peter took stock of his accumulated college credits and made the decision that he would consolidate them – and earn a degree in Natural Science from Excelsior College. While he was enrolling at Excelsior, he came across an online article about StraighterLine – and determined that taking StraighterLine online college courses would be the quickest and most cost-effective ...

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  • Everything You Need To Know About Competency Based Education

    Beth Dumbauld

    Want to learn how to reduce the cost of your college degree? This infographic provides a visual guide to everything you need to know about competency based education (CBE). It shows the evolution of alternative credit pathways throughout the history of higher ed, highlights the dramatic difference in costs between degree program types, and shows why competency based education is rapidly becoming the solution of choice for adult learners who want to get credit for life experience. Not sure where to start? Get your free personalized degree plan today! A Visual Guide to Competency Based Education [Infographic] Want to see how it works? Take two free lessons on us today! Embed the above image on your site: <a href="www.stra ...

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  • How A Working Adult Got On Track to Earn An Accounting Degree in Less Than 3 Years. A StraighterLine Success Story.

    Beth Dumbauld

    When Nardy Doyle decided to it was time to earn her degree in accounting, she didn’t want to wait. Even though she works one full-time and one part-time job, she was determined to earn her degree as quickly, cost effectively and efficiently as possible. Here’s how she used online college courses to rapidly earn the general education credits she needed for her degree– and accommodate her more than full time work schedule: Taking Full Advantage of College Courses That Are Guaranteed to Transfer Having a strong background in mathematics, Nardy wanted to get credit for material she already knew.  When she first enrolled at Strayer University, a StraighterLine Partner College, she was told her existing credits wouldn’t transfer. ...

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  • University of Phoenix Added to Partner College Scholarships 

    Beth Dumbauld

    StraighterLine Partner College Scholarships are growing! We are proud to welcome University of Phoenix as our newest participating partner college. Save up to 40% on Your Degree with the University of Phoenix Partner Benefit & StraighterLine University of Phoenix is one of the first StraighterLine Partner Colleges to launch a benefit program exclusively for StraighterLine transfer students. Complete just 4 StraighterLine courses to be eligible for the University of Phoenix Partner Benefit. Take the maximum number of courses at StraighterLine that fit into your degree program & save even more on your degree from University of Phoenix. Your Degree Is Now More Affordable All our Participating Partner Colleges have ...

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  • The Pathway to an Affordable College Degree [Infographic]

    Beth Dumbauld

    Thinking about going back to school but want to avoid a mountain of student debt? This infographic provides a visual guide to radically reducing the price of your college degree. It shows what steps to take to shrink the cost of college – including applying for scholarships, using low-cost online college courses to complete general education course requirements, and easily fitting them into an affordable degree plan. Not sure where to start? Get your free personalized degree plan today! How do you plan on lowering your cost of college? Let us know in the comments below. We have close to 100 partnership schools, see if your school is listed! Embed the above image on your site <a href=" ...

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