• Three Ways to Get Your Resume through Screening Systems

    Barry Lenson

    It’s Monday morning. You’re going through your daily routine of job-hunting online. Suddenly there it is . . . . your dream job! You click through to the company’s career page, fill out the online application, and upload your resume and cover letter. Then you shut off your computer and head out to Starbucks to treat yourself to a latte. You just applied for your perfect job, so you can kick back and wait for the hiring company to roll out the red carpet for you, right? As you know, that approach won’t work. In fact, your resume and cover letter probably won’t even get reviewed by actual human beings. Your stuff is going to get stopped by the hiring company’s resume-screening system.  So before you upload your materials and h ...

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  • Today’s Lesson: How to Become a Teacher

    Jeffrey Simons

    By Jeffrey Simons Ever since 1834, when Pennsylvania became the first state to require future teachers to pass a test of reading, writing and arithmetic, the process of becoming a teacher has been in a constant state of flux. If you’re wondering how to become a teacher today, teachers must possess a bachelor’s degree, as well as a state-issued certification or license. And that’s just the minimum. Many teachers have to go back to school to get advanced degrees or flesh out subject matter mastery to stay competitive. Some states now require teachers to earn a master’s degree after receiving their certification. Getting a degree in education can lead to more than just a job as a teacher. The highest paying positions in the fi ...

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  • How Can You Benefit from Earning a Business Degree?

    Barry Lenson

    How Can You Benefit from Earning a Business Degree? A college degree in business can be your greatest asset if you are interested in having a successful career in business. That reality is being proven time and time again. Recently “The College Advantage: Weathering the Economic Storm,” a report from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce drove the point home. “It is a tough job market for college graduates but far worse for those without a college education,” states Anthony P. Carnevale, co-author of the study. Here are some of the statistics it presents . . . Four out of five jobs lost during the recession were held by employees with only a high school diploma or less. Even during the recessio ...

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