• College Majors that Aren’t Worth the Money

    Barry Lenson

    “8 College Degrees with the Worst Return on Investment,” an article that Dawn Dugan wrote for last week, offers some advice for college students who are trying to pick their majors. “While there's no doubt that a college degree increases earning power and broadens opportunities,” Dugan writes, “today's high cost of education means it makes sense to more carefully consider which degree you earn. When it comes to return on investment (ROI), not all degrees are considered equal.” Dugan analyzed the salaries that are earned by students who majored in different fields. Here are the eight majors that generated the lowest payback . . . Sociology – Social workers earn a median salary of $47,121. Fine Arts ...

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  • Retraining to Get a Better Job

    Barry Lenson

    Take a moment to fill in the blank in this sentence . . . I am not moving ahead in my career because ____________. Now look at what you wrote. You’ll probably find that it falls into one of these categories . . . A situation, like “My company is laying people off” or, “There aren’t opportunities for advancement in my firm” or, “I’d like to go back to college, but I don’t have enough money now.” A function, like “I need to learn more about online marketing” or, “I’m not up to speed with the latest computer technology” or, “I didn’t study business in college.” Something personal, like “I’m too young [or old] to move ahead” or, “I just feel stalled” or, “The demands of being a parent. ...

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  • Get Hired Faster by Taking the CLA+

    Barry Lenson

    If you’re looking for a job, you know how hard it is to stand out from all the other job-seekers today. Here’s one way to gain an edge over them . . . Take the CLA+ Exam What is the CLA+?  The Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+) is a problem-based assessment test developed by the Council for Aid to Education (CAE). It measures your analytical reasoning, problem-solving skills, written communication skills, and critical thinking. Why would you want to take another test now that you’re done with school? Because your scores will show employers that you have the specific skills, and smarts to fill the jobs that they’re trying to fill. Here are two reasons why . . . Hiring companies are starting to doubt that students ...

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  • Which College Courses Work Hardest to Help You Land a Job?

    Barry Lenson

    I recently met a young woman who graduated from a top university back in 2012, but who was still having a hard time landing a job she wanted at a bank or investment company. The problem? She majored in philosophy. The companies where she was interviewing found that interesting, but they were wondering why she hadn’t taken any courses that demonstrated her ability to analyze data. If she had taken even one course in business statistics or calculus while she was in college, chances are that she would be working by now. That leads me to conclude that certain courses are critical to finding a first job in business today.  And apparently that belief is pretty well founded.  For example, I recently found an article entitled “Six college ...

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  • Start a Career in Engineering

    Barry Lenson

    “Therefore, students, study mathematics and do not build without foundations.”  - Leonardo Da Vinci If you’re eager to pick a college major that promises you the greatest chance of getting hired after you graduate engineering is among the first you should consider. Here is some proof that jobs in engineering are booming . . . The authoritative Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the U.S. Department of Labor, states that Civil Engineering Technicians are in demand today. They command a median starting salary of $46,290 per year, the demand for them is projected to increase by 9,400 jobs before year 2020. And you can start in this profession with only a two-year Associate’s degree. “How Are New College Grads Far ...

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