Applying to College

  • Jerked Around: More and More American College Applicants Get Wait Listed

    Barry Lenson

    Jerked Around: More and More American College Applicants Get Wait Listed Students who are applying to college are pretty patient. By the time they apply to college, they have already been thinking for years about going to college. Then they do all the hard work to get their applications submitted on time. Then they wait for until April rolls around and acceptance letters come. But it turns out that for a growing number of American students, April is only the time when they need to get ready to wait some more. Why? Because more and more of them are being put on college wait lists. In many cases, they will have to cool their heels until summer before they get informed of final decisions about whether they will be offered admission into th ...

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  • How to Involve Your Parents in Your College Search...

    Barry Lenson

    How to Involve Your Parents in Your College Search . . . without letting them drive you insane I have been involved in the process of applying to college twice. First I applied to college. Then I was the parent of a student who applied to college and got in. Hopefully, those dual credentials qualify me to comment on a touchy topic . . . How can you apply to college and keep your parents involved without letting them drive you nuts? It can be a tough road to travel. After all, your parents want to be part of the process. If you’re lucky, they could be contributing a lot of money to pay your college costs. They have a right to be involved. But you have some rights too, such as the right to make a decision that is best for you, free of ex ...

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  • Busted Myth of the Week: It's an Equal Playing Field for Men and Women in American Higher Education Today

    Barry Lenson

    Busted Myth of the Week: It’s an Equal Playing Field for Men and Women in American Higher Education Today There is a common belief today that the men and women enjoy equal status when applying to college – that discrimination is a thing of the past and that women stand just as good a chance of getting into top colleges as men do. It’s not true. In fact, women still suffer from discrimination in American colleges and universities in ways that could surprise you. To quote from an article in Mother Jones, “In recent years, several college leaders have admitted that their institutions give a boost to male applicants to maintain gender balance on campus. Most students of either sex, they point out, prefer such balance. If Vassar a ...

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  • SAT Creators Will Depend on Tiny Little Photos to End Cheating on the Test

    Barry Lenson

    SAT Creators Will Depend on Tiny Little Photos to End Cheating on the Test A major scandal erupted in the fall of 2011, when 20 high school students from four different school districts in Nassau County, New York, were arrested for cheating on the SAT and ACT exams. Fifteen of them were accused of hiring other students to take the tests for them. The other five were accused of taking the tests for students who had paid them to do so. Shortly after the scandal hit, it was big news. Here’s what you will learn if you watch a story about it that was run on the CBS news program 60 Minutes: A 19-year-old man named Sam Eshaghoff, who graduated from Great Neck North High School on Long Island, took the SAT as many as 16 times fraudulently ...

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  • Download Your Free Copy of Getting into College Made Easy

    Barry Lenson

    There is a reason why StraighterLine calls itself “The Shortest Distance between You and Your College Degree.” It’s because StraighterLine is committed to simplifying everything about college education. When you stop to think about it, you begin to realize just how complicated it has become to apply to college in the traditional way. You get hundreds of college brochures in the mail . . . you visit dozens of college websites . . . you take courses to learn how to take the SAT and ACT . . . you pester your teachers and guidance counselor for letters of recommendation. . . you spend Christmas vacation writing an admissions essay . . . you fill out the FAFSA and apply for financial aid . . . you travel to campuses to take tours and ...

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