Applying to College

  • More Colleges Offer Deferred Admission to Recent High School Grads

    Barry Lenson

    More Colleges Offer Deferred Admission to Recent High School Grads “Admission to College, with Catch: Year’s Wait,” an article by Lisa Foderaro in the April 10 New York Times, explains another way that colleges have found to keep their classrooms populated with students: They admit students, but tell them that they can’t enroll for a year or two. Those students can only matriculate after they have attended another college and maintained a high GPA. According to the article, delayed admission is more widespread than many people realize. In one form or another, it is currently practiced at Cornell, several schools in the SUNY system, and at the University of Maryland. Deferred admission should appeal to students.  After all, ...

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  • How to Talk to College Admissions Reps at College Fairs

    Barry Lenson

    How to Talk to College Admissions Reps at College Fairs We just spent two days manning a table at the 2011 New Jersey National College Fair at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center. If you stopped by the StraighterLine table, we would like to say how much we enjoyed speaking with you. When we were not talking with prospective students and their parents, we fanned out, watched what was happening, and spoke with admissions representatives from some of the nearly 400 colleges that were in attendance. As a result of those conversations, we came up with some advice for students who want to present themselves effectively to colleges at fairs. Why present yourself effectively at a college fair? Because even in a setting where coll ...

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  • Confident Thoughts for College Acceptance Week

    Barry Lenson

    Confident Thoughts for College Acceptance Week All over America this week, students are waiting to get acceptance letters from colleges. If you’re one of them, I know about how you feel – you feel like you can finally see the finish line after running a marathon.  Over the last four years, you’ve worked to keep your grades up, taken part in summer programs, done community service work, studied for standardized tests, taken AP courses, engaged in high school athletics, visited colleges, applied for financial aid, worked on applications and application essays – and I am sure that I have left some important things out. I have felt the tension of this week, both as a college applicant and as a parent. And so even though you are pro ...

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  • Western Governors University: Partner College Profile

    Barry Lenson

    Western Governors University a Partner College Profile If you’re having a great experience taking college courses online, perhaps it’s time for you to take your education to the next level by enrolling in one of our acclaimed Partner Colleges. In case you don’t know about StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges, CLICK HERE to find out how you can become a student at one of them directly from StraighterLine, without having to go through a complicated traditional application process. Today we’d like to profile one of them that merits your consideration. It’s Western Governors University, a leading university that could be your full-time college if you choose to enroll. Western Governors offers you a unique opportunity, for many r ...

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  • Late Bloomer? Get Into the College of Your Choice Anyway

    Barry Lenson

    Late Bloomer? Learn How to Get Into the College of Your Choice Anyway Are you a late bloomer? Well, join the club. I know a student who got only C’s and D’s through his first two years of high school. His athletic career consisted of one track meet. His class rank was 111 out of a class of 444. Yet he managed to get degrees from McGill University and Yale. That student was me. Times have changed since then. Mostly, online learning has arrived on the scene. Yet the fact remains, you can still get into a very good college, even if you are a late starter. Here are some strategies you can apply: If you have dollars to spend on tuition, get a copy of the book Colleges that Change Lives. This book, which really should be called Colleg ...

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