Applying to College

  • Applying to Graduate School? Here’s What You Are Up Against

    Barry Lenson

    Applying to Graduate School? Here’s What You Are Up Against “The Next Gate,” an article by Jacques Steinberg that appeared in the July 20 New York Times, does a good job of describing how applying to grad school differs from applying to college. If you’re thinking of applying to graduate school, here are some interesting statistics that Steinberg reports. All come from a new survey of 123 graduate admissions officers that was conducted by Kaplan Higher Education. . . Sixty-five percent of graduate school admissions officers say it is “inappropriate” for applicants to contact them via social media. Twelve percent are allowed by their universities to visit applicants’ social media pages. And 29% of the members of that ...

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  • Why Go to a Fallback School?

    Barry Lenson

    Why Go to a Fallback School? If you are about to graduate from high school, you are probably relieved that the complicated and stressful process of applying to colleges in now well behind you. You sent in your college applications. You got your acceptance letters. And in a few short months, you’ll be packing your car and heading to colleges. But here’s a question for you. Are you going to one of your top college choices, or are you one of the tens of thousands of American high school seniors who are heading off to colleges that don’t really excite them? It could be that through no fault of your own, you are planning to attend a college that doesn’t completely thrill you. Of course, it could turn out that you will love going t ...

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  • Alarming: 265 American Colleges Still Accepting Applications for Next Year

    Barry Lenson

    Alarming: 265 American Colleges Still Accepting Applications for Next Year You won’t find it mentioned on the front page of your home town newspaper or on the evening news, but The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) has just released a document called The Space Availability Survey 2011. Considering the information that this document contains, it is surprising that it isn’t making front-page news. Here’s the news, in a nutshell . . . As we write this post in mid-May 2011, 265 colleges and universities still have space available in next September’s freshman class. Seventy-one percent of these schools are private institutions, and 29% are public. (Note that community colleges are not included.) 278 ...

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  • Keeping College Admissions Options Simple

    Barry Lenson

    Keeping College Admissions Options Simple: Another Reason Why StraighterLine Makes Sense Students today don’t even know about the golden olden days when applying to college was a relatively simple process. You sent in your application and about four months later, you got either accepted or rejected. Today’s students have it a lot harder, because they are confronted with a bewildering array of choices. Who but a guidance counselor could keep track of application options like these? Early Action Early Decision Restrictive Early Action Regular Decision Rolling Admission Of all these terms, the only one that seems pretty understandable is “Restrictive Early Action,” which must mean that the admissions committee member ...

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  • How to Handle Common College Interview Questions

    Barry Lenson

    How to Handle Common College Interview Questions On-campus college interviews are as scarce as dinosaurs in argyle sweaters these days. They’ve almost disappeared for a very simple reason: colleges are screening so many applications that they just don’t have the time to call you in for a traditional across-the-desk conversation. It’s more likely that any interviews you get will be with alumni of schools where you’ve applied. What’s the best way to handle an interview on a campus or with an alumni interviewer? Here are some common interview questions, with advice on how to answer them . . . 1. Did you enjoy your four years in high school?  The interviewer is really trying to figure out whether you are a positive or negative ...

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