World’s Most Dangerous School Clothing Revealed!

Barry Lenson

It’s official. Jeggings are the most subversive form of clothing that young women have ever worn to school.

What are jeggings? If you’re a young woman, you already know. They’re a hybrid form of pant that combines jeans and leggings. (jeans+leggings=jeggings, see?) Think of them as ultra-tight, stretchy denim leggings.  A recent article in New York’s Daily News reports that a young woman who wears jeggings can attract a lot of attention on the streets of New York.

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Why else would Samuel Ward Arts and Technology College in Haverhill, England, have taken an ultra-hard line against them? Samuel Ward, in fact, sent 60 jeggings-wearing girls home on the first day of school last week, telling them to change to less provocative clothing or face the consequences.

Of course, jeggings aren’t the first fashion to get students sent home from school. Back in the 1960’s, lots of high schools boys got the heave-ho for Beatles haircuts, or long hair in general.

Recently, lots of college women have been wearing pajamas to class. You would think going to college in your PJ's would be more provocative than jeggings, wouldn't you? Apparently not, since no women have been thrown out of class for wearing pajamas.

Kids will be kids, right?

But since we want you to be safe, here’s some advice for you. If you just bought a new pair of jeggings and are afraid that they will get you ejected from school, sign up for some distance learning courses. You can wear anything you want if you are studying online. Just check your webcam, be sure it is off, and you can wear a barrel to school if you want to.

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