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Jaime Dalbke

From November, 2008...

It has been the accepted standard operating procedure for years now for those attending college - you schedule everything else in your life around your classes for that semester, not vice versa. But nowadays, thanks to the convenience of online learning, you can make your class schedule fit your needs and not the requirements of a university.

We at StraighterLine, a new online solution, believe we offer the best possible options for setting your own pace of studying introductory college courses. No other online system matches us for flexibility in several areas. We have constant on-demand course availability - you can take any of our classes at any time you want. If you do not feel like starting your studies in August for the fall semester or January for the winter one, as with most traditional bricks and mortars programs (and many online ones), you can begin earlier or later than those dates. If you want, you can begin studying immediately if you like once your payment is approved.

As for how long you need to study, you are not locked into the traditional schedule of four months or so for each class. If you are a quick learner and have the time and energy to progress as fast as you want to take your final exam within a few weeks, you can do that. If you prefer a more leisurely stroll through your materials, you can do that as well. We have two ways to do that, in fact:

· Take our individual courses at only $399 each, and you can study them up to six months, or

· Try our "StraighterLine for $99" program, where a $99 per month subscription with no additional start-up costs includes unlimited access to any and all courses one at a time, and no minimum or maximum time limit for course completion.

And when you do choose to study, there are tutors available 24/7 for live, one-on-one instructional support should you have any questions about your materials. You do not have to wait on a professor or track down a teacher - the assistance is there for you any time, day or night, weekday or weekend.

We have many other advantages over both traditional colleges and other online programs besides convenience of study. For more details on them, visit and discover how easy and affordable it is to obtain high quality, better supported, and lower cost required college courses online, on your schedule.

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