Why You Should Take StraighterLine Courses Instead of Waiting for Your MOOC to Come In

Barry Lenson

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When will you be able to sign up for a MOOC, earn college credits in it, and then transfer those credits immediately to your college?

Well, wouldn’t we all like to know? It’s a question that never seems to get answered. For people who are eager to take MOOCs and earn college credits for their online coursework, the answer always seems to be, “Could be any day now . . . could be any day.”

And MOOC-watchers got that same answer only a few days ago, when they learned that they will have to wait “just a little longer” again before they can earn college credits for their Massive Online coursework. You can read the news for yourself in The Los Angeles Times, The Riverside Press-Enterprise, and elsewhere. But here’s a summary . . .

Richard Riley, former Secretary of Education under President Clinton, is now a member of an organization called The Commission on the Regulation of Postsecondary Distance Education that would like to loosen up regulations that are currently stalling colleges’ ability to distribute classes on the Internet. The Commission would also like to cut through government red tape (including red tape at the state level) that is preventing the distribution of for-credit course content across state borders.

Riley and his Commission are currently seeking ways to roll aside regulations and roadblocks that would let students everywhere take MOOCs for credit. But in the meanwhile, those students need to wait once again.

Why Not Take StraighterLine Courses Instead?

While you are waiting for the MOOC ship to finally sail, you have another option. You can take courses at StraighterLine today and then easily transfer the credits that you earn to the college of your choice.

In other words, all the positive rewards that MOOCs just might possibly offer on some distant day are already available to you at StraighterLine.  You can register for courses today and get going.

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