Why the Presidential Debate Should Be All about Education

Barry Lenson

Why the Presidential Debate Should Be All about Education

If we had our wishes, education would be the only topic discussed during the presidential debate this week.  Here are some questions we would like the candidates to answer . . .

  • You’ve both said that the future of America depends on education. Specifically, what are you going to do to support it? Please provide specifics and dollar amounts as appropriate.
  • You’ve both praised the contributions that men and women who are in the military have made to our country. Many of them are now seeking to reenter civilian life. They need help. Exactly how will you help them get the education and training they need to succeed?
  • Both your parties delayed a final decision about increasing the interest rate on Pell Grants until after the election. Thank you for that, but would you extend the current rate again after you are elected?
  • Some politicians have suggested that student loans should be forgiven if students work in public service, or as teachers, for a period of time after they graduate. Do you support that? If so, what are you going to do about it?
  • Can you each tell us three specific things you learned in school and how you have used them to achieve your success?
  • Community colleges are in economic trouble in most states across the nation.  What kind of funding are you going to offer to strengthen and sustain them?
  • How will you support teachers if you are elected?
  • What are your plans to improve and extend the reach of online learning in America?

Those are only a few questions that will probably not be asked during the debate. But there’s nothing to prevent President Obama and Governor Romney from answering them elsewhere, any time they want. So gentlemen, how about it?

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