Why Superheroes Should Earn a Degree in Criminal Justice Online

Beth Dumbauld

By Beth DumbauldEarn a Degree in Criminal Justice Online

It’s a tough job market for up-and-coming comic book crime fighters these days. Sure, superheroes may be born with supernatural skills like invisibility or being able to consistently kick a 75 yard field goal (I’m just saying...) but without a college degree, even the most promising of superheroes can’t get a job with the FBI.

Historically, a college education has always been important for someone wanting to make a difference in their community fighting crime. For example:

  • Superman: Clark Kent graduated with a degree from KU.
  • Spiderman: Peter Parker graduated with a degree in biophysics from fictional Empire State University. (However, he, like many adults who go back to college, was a credit short of graduation and had to go back and earn his degree at a later date.)
  • Ironman: Anthony Edward Stark went to MIT at the age of 15 where he studied engineering and computer science.

Today is no different. A college degree is still an essential tool for those who aspire to a career in public safety. You may not be a superhero now – but you can be to the people you care about most when you go back to college and earn your degree in criminal justice. Want to learn more? Find out in Criminal Justice: Do you have what it takes?

Do you consider yourself just another online college student fighting the good fight? Hold on. Don’t sell yourself short. By adding a few simple items to your wardrobe: a pair of StraighterLine-red tights, a cape, and a bicep-enhancing shirt, you too can stand out from the coffee shop crowd. Whether you choose to take online classes while drinking lattes at your favorite Starbucks – or while injecting a little shazaam onto your Facebook page, earning your degree in criminal justice is just like adding a super power to your resume. And as a super hero (or super hero-in-training), you need to know how to navigate your way around Gotham City as efficiently as possible. To help you get to the right place at the right time, check out: How to Get Started in Criminal Justice: Tips Every Criminal Justice Student Should Know

Have you ever dreamed about having a truly kick-*ss crime fighter name? How about something like Degree Man or Credit Girl – or perhaps even something more awesome like Chief of Police? Learn how high you can fly career-wise when you earn a degree from an online college by watching this video about Cincinnati’s Chief of Police, James Craig, a graduate from StraighterLine partner college, University of Phoenix.

Batman had his Batmobile. Wonder Woman roamed the skies in her Invisible Jet. Austin Powers even had his pair of “Shaguars.” Modern day military members protect citizens every day in Humvees, tanks, helicopters, ships, and standard-issue combat boots. Think your experience in the military puts you on the fast track towards earning your degree in criminal justice? You’re absolutely right. For some great tips, check out: 6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Post-9/11 GI Bill Before You Go to College.

Some folks think super heroes are fiction. We, at StraighterLine, know they are for real. Each and every day we witness super-hero students logging into their StraighterLine online college course account and taking their first step towards earning their college degree. For now, as one of our students, you may just be saving money and saving time while taking online college classes, but some day, after you earn your degree in criminal justice, you may be the one responsible for actually saving lives and solving crimes.

To investigate your career in Criminal Justice, download your free guide now.

Beth Dumbauld is a writer who is passionate about helping others save money and time. She received her MBA from the University of Colorado and currently lives near Cincinnati, Ohio.

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