Why Summer Is the Best Time to Read Frankenstein

Barry Lenson

Why wait ‘til Halloween to read Frankenstein, the novel that Mary Shelley’s penned in 1818?

Here are some reasons why this immortal novel, which was actually entitled Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus, makes for hot, hot summer reading . . .

  • Reading it now could help you pass required English courses in the fall. You see, Frankenstein is required reading in many of them, including StraighterLine’s own English Composition I course. So if you read it now, you’ll have an easier time of it later on.
  • You’re going to look wicked cool at the pool or the beach. Let those other people lie back in their lounge chairs and read Crazy Rich Asians, The Woman Upstairs, or one of those romances with the guy with the pecs on the cover. When you tote your copy of Frankenstein, you’re going to look like a blooming intellectual. Plus, the book provides a solid platform for killer opening lines. (“This book has me in stitches . . . I’m trying to keep it under wraps . . . I’ve been craving Muenster cheese for some reason I can’t explain,” you’re getting the idea.)
  • You might actually learn something. You see, Mary Shelley’s novel is actually pretty terrific. The writing is clear and clean, and there’s an impeccably crafted plot. Plus, her story and her monster have a depth of meaning that was sucked away by all the film versions.

 Why Not Throw in Dracula Too?

Heck, while you’re knocking off the classics, why not also read Bram Stoker’s Dracula? Like Frankenstein, it’s a lot subtler than the films that it inspired. It won’t suck the fun out of your summer . . . we promise.

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