Why StraighterLine?

Barry Lenson

Start College with StraighterLineMy colleagues at StraighterLine recently asked me to write a post entitled, “Why StraighterLine?”

What a great idea. Because you see, there are so many reasons why StraighterLine makes so much sense for so many people. Let’s review them, one by one . . .

  • StraighterLine is amazingly affordable. If you need to earn three college credits before you can graduate from college, for example, you are going to pay more than $1,000, even at your local community college. Yet students tell me all the time that they can earn those same three credits at StraighterLine for as little as a few hundred dollars. And then there is the fact that students can complete their freshman year of college at StraighterLine for not much more than $1,000. Now, that is affordable.
  • You can easily transfer the credits that you earn in StraighterLine courses to your regular college or university. This is the big difference between StraighterLine and most of the MOOCs you’ve been reading about recently. StraighterLine courses earn credits.
  • StraighterLine admits everybody. It’s the great equalizer in American higher education. If you want to apply to nearly every American college or university, you are going to have to take the SAT or the ACT, get letters of recommendation, fill out the common application online, write an admissions essay, apply for financial aid, and jump through all kinds of other hoops too. Not so with StraighterLine. Many students decide to take StraighterLine courses in the morning and are already taking them that afternoon. Can you name a college that lets students do that? Neither can we.
  • StraighterLine offers a streamlined, no-hassle way to matriculate in some of America’s best colleges. Through StraighterLine’s Partner College program, you can transfer the StraighterLine credits you have earned to one of our Partner Colleges and enroll there as a regular college student. Again, you don’t need to take standardized tests, or deal with other complicated steps. StraighterLine offers you a direct, hassle-free way to start earning your degree today.
  • StraighterLine is flexible. You can take StraighterLine courses any time you like – in the early morning, in the evening, on the weekend. This is why StraighterLine has become a top choice for working people, busy parents, and others who have no time to attend traditional college courses in classrooms. If you want to go to college but don’t have the time, StraighterLine is the answer for you.
  • StraighterLine offers learning options that regular colleges do not. If you are challenged by a certain unit in a course, you can repeat it as many times as you like, until you master the material, or get support directly from StraighterLine. If you are not ready to complete a final exam or assignment, you can keep studying until you are ready, then finish your course and earn your credits. Regular brick-and-mortar colleges don’t let you do that.
  • StraighterLine is friendly to veterans and members of our country’s armed services. Current members of the military who are deployed around the world are now taking StraighterLine courses online. There’s no need for them to postpone college until after they’ve returned to civilian life. And when they do get home, they will find that all of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges will go the extra mile to support them. Many of these schools have special military advisors who are dedicated to helping veterans and current service personnel succeed in college and obtain specialized financial aid that can make it possible. So if you are in the military or if you are a veteran, StraighterLine offers you a streamlined path to college and success in civilian life.
  • StraighterLine outperforms AP classes, the CLEP, and other programs that award college credits. You simply enroll in a StraighterLine course, earn credits, and then transfer them to a college of your choice. In most cases, the cost is lower too.
  • You can never be shut out of a StraighterLine course. Students who are attending regular colleges and community colleges experience setbacks when the courses that they need have been closed out or are unavailable. That can never happen at StraighterLine. The course you need is available at all times, and you can start taking it immediately.
  • StraighterLine offers a virtual toolbox of educational opportunities. Some students take StraighterLine courses prior to taking those same classes in college; it’s a way to prepare for the “real” courses and earn higher grades in them. Other students take StraighterLine courses before they pick their college majors, as a way to “test the water” and make a wiser choice. Still other students take StraighterLine courses to earn the credits that they need to complete required college courses.
  • StraighterLine reduces student debt and makes it possible for under-funded students to attend college. Thanks to StraighterLine, students no longer have to say, “I can’t start college now because I can’t afford it.” Instead, they can take courses at an affordable pace. Also, StraighterLine students do not need to fill out loan applications, apply for scholarships, or refinance their homes to pay for college. And when StraighterLine students complete their college work and graduate, they are not saddled with the immense debt that many college students incur today. Financially, StraighterLine simply makes more sense than traditional colleges do.
  • StraighterLine makes it possible for non-US students to start earning degrees at American colleges. International students are discovering that they do not even need to move to the United States before they start earning college credits here. Without applying for student visas or moving to the United States, they can simply get started wherever they are, thanks to StraighterLine.
  • StraighterLine is a top choice for students who are homeschooled.  Many homeschooled students are taking StraighterLine courses to complete their high school studies, and then get a faster start in college. In some cases, they are completing a year of college study while they are still completing their high school studies. It would be hard to name another education option that works harder for homeschooled students than StraighterLine does.

Those are only a few answers to the question, “Why StraighterLine?” If you’ve taken courses with us, I’m willing to bet that you have found other answers of your own to that question. If you have, why not take a minute to post a comment below? We’ll be listening.

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