Why StraighterLine Is Still the Best Way to Earn College Credit Online

Barry Lenson

Best Way to Earn College Credit OnlineThere’s been some buzz lately about new ways to earn college credits online.  Some universities have been making the news because they’ve been exploring ways to let students earn credit hours by taking their MOOCs or other college courses online.

If you've been eager to earn credits online and transfer them to your college, you've probably been excited to hear about that. But before you invest time and money in one of those new programs, it’s time for a bit of caution.

Here are 5 reasons why StraighterLine is still your best resource for earning college credits online . . .

  1. Other online programs might not be 100% online. In non-StraighterLine programs, you might have to travel to a testing center or to a college campus to take exams for the course you’ve been taking.  That will never happen at StraighterLine, where you complete 100% of your coursework – including exams – online.
  2. Transferring credits might not work in other programs. In contrast, StraighterLine has been successfully helping students transfer their credits to their colleges for years now. Hundreds of students have done it easily at StraighterLine through the ACE program. To date, StraighterLine has helped students transfer more than 26,000 college credits.
  3. Other online programs are not as flexible as StraighterLine. You can start StraighterLine courses whenever you want, take as much time as you need to complete them, and study as long as you like before you take final exams or complete your coursework. That flexibility is unique to StraighterLine.
  4. Online courses offered elsewhere might lack the personalized support that you’ll find at StraighterLine.  StraighterLine students get quick answers to questions about course content and technical problems. At StraighterLine, you’ll never be left waiting days until an instructor or technician responds to your questions.
  5. StraighterLine courses are the most affordable.  You can subscribe to StraighterLine’s Freshman Year Course Bundle for example, and earn a year’s worth of college credit for only $1,299. Or you can enroll in StraighterLine’s online Nursing Program for only $496.  Check out StraighterLine’s other course bundles and the $99/month subscription planNo other online program offers anything like them.

Those are only a few reasons why StraighterLine is your best option for earning college credits online and transferring them to your college. As StraighterLine student Diana Stone told us recently, “After completing the final exam for each course, I simply indicated that I wanted my credits transferred to Strayer University. One week later, I got confirming emails that informed me that that had been done.”

So if you’re eager to earn college credits online, StraighterLine remains your top choice.

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