Why StraighterLine Is An Excellent Alternative to Entry-Level Courses At Colleges

Jaime Dalbke

From September 2008...

The first year of college is a difficult one for many students to handle. The new surroundings can be dizzying to absorb, along with all the new material that must be learned. Unfortunately, some colleges and universities, particularly larger ones, make this daunting situation even worse by establishing entry-level courses with less-than-ideal circumstances for learning lessons.

Oftentimes, entry-level courses are taught by teacher assistants (commonly known as TAs), whose training is not the same as full-fledged, academically certified instructors. Yet first-year students often have the most questions and require the most assistance in college. How does learning under less-qualified teachers help them in their studies?

Frequently there is little time for individual attention to students in these courses from the TAs. Surveys indicate the average first-year class in college holds around 46 students, with some lecture halls handling literally hundreds of students per course. For high school graduates who have been used to being in classrooms where the teachers knew their names and faces, this can be disorienting. And for adults pursuing educational opportunities to advance their careers, it can be a depressing reminder of how detached and faceless their workplaces are.

How do you avoid this possible dilemma for your first studies into higher education? Simple - enroll online with us at StraighterLine (SL), a new online education tool. We at SL offer basic introductory courses supported online educators reviewed under a highly selective screening process. These educators are available 24/7 for one-on-one tutoring as needed for our students - whenever they have a question, they can ask it online and receive assistance instantly from an SL educator, with no delay in getting a response. No other online college educational system can make the same claim.

These are just some of the advantages SL has when it comes to studying required courses needed for an undergraduate degree. To discover more, please visit us at www.StraighterLine.com, and learn how StraighterLine can be the shortest distance between you and your degree.

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