Why StraighterLine Beats Community College if You Need Credits to Graduate College

Barry Lenson

Need Credits to Graduate CollegeI have the following conversation at least five times a year. I had it again just the other day. Here’s how it goes . . .

“I need to pick up three college credits this summer before I can graduate,” a student says to me.

“Well, you can do that for a few hundred dollars at StraighterLine,” I answer.

“No, that’s just not possible. I’m going to take the course at a local community college.”

For some reason, students seem to think that I am fibbing when I explain how easy and inexpensive it is to earn three college credits at StraighterLine.  Maybe it is one of those things that makes people revert to the old thought that, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

However the fact is that StraighterLine sounds that good, and it is that good. That’s why thousands of students are taking StraighterLine courses and using the credits they get to earn college degrees.

Here are just a few of the reasons why StraighterLine courses are miles better than community college . . .

  • StraighterLine courses are much cheaper. If you CLICK HERE, you can review course costs at a typical community college. As you’ll see, a three-credit course will cost you $540 there. If you review StraighterLine subscription plans, you’ll see that you can easily earn those same college credits for one-third that amount – possibly even less.
  • StraighterLine courses are flexible. There’s no need to drive to your local community college every week to take your course. You don’t have to start your course on a particular date or finish it on a particular date either. If you want to take a week off during the summer and then pick up your studies again, there will be no penalty.
  • You can work a job over the summer and take StraighterLine courses too. You can “go to class” in the early mornings, in the evenings, on a Saturday morning, or at any other time that works for you.  That gives you more time to work a job and earn money over your summer.

So, which option is better for you? Of course, that decision is yours. But from our perspective, the answer seems pretty obvious. Doesn’t it to you?

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