Why Online Learning Welcomes Everyone

Barry Lenson

Why Online Learning Welcomes Everyone

Prestigious colleges are famous for rejecting more than 90 percent of applicants. Online colleges are famous for letting everybody start.

Which approach is better? You can decide. But when you stop to think about the students who are welcomed by StraighterLine, the question takes on a different focus. At StraighterLine, all these students are free to log in and learn . . .

  • Working parents are welcome, because they can fit their online learning around their families and their jobs.
  • Non-U.S. students can take college courses at StraighterLine, without having to move to the U.S., get student visas or get around any of the other obstacles that stand in the way of most foreign students who want to study in the U.S.
  • Retired people can take college courses online – and so can bright youngsters. There are no barriers here because of age.
  • Working people can take online college courses while they are employed – there’s no need to take time off to return to college full-time.

So which is better, a college that lets everybody in or a college that shuts everybody out? We have an opinion – but we would like hear yours.

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