Why Online Classes Could Be the Greatest College Prep Ever

Barry Lenson

Why Online Classes Could Be the Greatest College Prep Ever

Why Online Classes Could Be the Greatest College Prep Ever  If you’re about to enter college, you’ve already gotten a lot done. You’ve kept your grades up, racked up an impressive list of extracurricular activities, taken standardized tests, written an admissions essay, gotten letters of recommendation, toured campuses, filled out applications, taken an interview or two  . . . and probably done a lot more stuff too. No wonder you feel you’ve earned the right to kick back and enjoy a restful summer.

We don’t want to disrupt your relaxation. But the fact is, taking some online college courses over the summer months could be a great idea. There is hardly any better way to engage in some smart college prep.

Here are some ideas to consider . . .

  • Pre-take courses that you will be required to take in the fall.  If you’ll be required to take a course in English composition or algebra, for example, taking it online this summer before it “counts” can be a great idea.  You’ll make your workload lighter in September, and increase your chances of getting a good grade.
  • Check out possible majors before you decide on one. Are you thinking of majoring in accounting, for example, or in criminal justice?  Great! But you can make a wiser choice – and avoid costly changes in your major later on - by taking online courses ahead of time.
  • Tackle a required course over the summer, so you won’t have to take it again when you get to campus.  StraighterLine offers a great selection of courses that you’ll probably be required to take at your regular college. If you take them now and get your credits transferred to your college, you could lighten your workload in school next year. That, in turn, can help you spend more time on your other courses and earn higher grades.

So are online courses one of the best forms of college prep ever? Looks that way to us. Please let us know what you think.

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