Why Not Make StraighterLine Your Online Community College?

Barry Lenson

StraighterLine Your Online Community College?

Online Community CollegeNot too many years ago, community colleges offered one of the few ways to make an end run around America’s monolithic university system and start earning a college degree without going broke. Smart students did so by following this strategy . . .

They applied to community colleges, spent one or two years at them, then began to study at big state universities.

This strategy worked – and still works – because state universities are eager to admit community college students who have worked hard, earned solid grades, and proven that they are ready to start college at a “real” university.

The attractiveness of this strategy has diminished over the last three or four years, for two reasons. First, community colleges are less of a bargain today because they have been forced to raise course fees. Second, cutbacks in state budgets have required many community colleges to cut back on course offerings. The result is that while it is still possible to start out at a community college and then transfer, that path has gotten more difficult and less appealing.

But here is a suggestion for you. Why not use StraighterLine as your online community college and start your college career that way? While the American system of community colleges has gotten weaker, StraighterLine is bulking up and can offer you more and more, and at lower cost.

Here is some food for thought . . .

  • You can take a full curriculum of college courses at StraighterLine – the equivalent of a freshman year of college or even more – and then transfer the credits that you earned to enroll in one of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges.
  • All the courses you take at StraighterLine are completely flexible, unlike those at community colleges. You don’t need to attend a class on, say, Tuesday from 7:00 P.M. You can attend your classes online at any time that works for you.

Those are a few of the reasons why more students are discovering StraighterLine and enrolling in classes here every month.

So if you are thinking of jump-starting your education at a community college, here is a suggestion to think about. Why not make StraighterLine your online community college where you can move your education into high gear.

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