Why More Firefighters Earn College Degrees Today

Barry Lenson

Everyone knows that firefighters are brave. Fewer people seem to know that firefighters also need to possess a lot of knowledge, and wide range of critical safety skills.

Could you stand outside a burning building and understand what has happening inside it, just by making a visual determination? Could you formulate an immediate strategy for fighting the fire? Could you assess the risks to yourself and your colleagues?

And then there’s the technical side of firefighting. Today’s firefighters need to use modern equipment that uses thermal sensors to analyze fires that are in progress. They need to be trained to use other equipment too, such as new systems that track the locations of all firefighters who are inside burning buildings.

When you stop to think about those modern realities of firefighting, it becomes clear why firefighters today tend to be highly educated people. And it becomes equally clear why a college degree can help firefighters advance into leadership positions within their fire companies. It also helps explain why there is a growing need for degreed firefighting experts at airports, hotels, architectural firms, and city planning agencies. Some firefighting experts are hired full-time by those organizations, and others provide services to them as fire safety consultants.

If you are a working firefighter and you haven’t yet earned a college degree, online classes could be a great option to consider. StraighterLine lets you start and pursue your college studies while you are working your job. It’s a flexible option that could enhance your success in your chosen career.

Incidentally, I would like to dedicate this post to the memory of Thomas Rollar, my late uncle who became a career firefighter after he returned from serving our county in the Korean conflict. Thanks, Uncle Tom, for devoting your life to protecting property and people. People like you don’t come along every day.

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