Why It Pays to Start College Online

Barry Lenson

Why It Pays to Start College Online

Pay to Start College OnlineNearly all American colleges and universities have what is referred to as a core curriculum – a group of courses that all students are required to take before they graduate. (One notable exception is Brown University, which has abolished all curricular course requirements.)

The problem is, it can cost you a lot of money to take those courses. And, as many students note, many of those college courses teach information that you will never use again in your life.

Let’s look at some of the costs . . .

If you are planning to attend this college, here are the non-major-related courses you need to take in order to graduate:

  • 1 course in the arts (3 credit hours)
  • 1 course in cultural diversity (3 credit hours)
  • 2 courses in history (6 credit hours)
  • 1 course in literature (3 credit hours)
  • 1 course in mathematics (3 credit hours)
  • 2 courses in natural science (8 credit hours because most science classes have labs and carry four credit hours)
  • 2 courses in philosophy (6 credit hours)
  • 2 courses in social science  (6 credit hours)
  • 2 courses in theology (6 credit hours)
  • 1 course in writing (3 credit hours)

So you are required to take 15 core curriculum classes, for a total of about 47 credit hours at this school. Since each credit hour costs about $120 at this institution, that means you are expected to pay about $36,000 to fulfill these requirements.

But there is a better way. If you play your cards right and plan wisely, you can complete many of those required college courses online. You can even complete the equivalent of a year of college for as little as $999. StraighterLine is an online institution that has created a specific plan, Freshman Year of College Plan for $999, that lets you do just that.

With the costs of college soaring upwards of $50,000 a year at private American institutions and the costs of state schools not far behind, you can easily calculate how much money you can save by starting your college experience online.

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