Why High School Students Can Benefit from Taking College Courses Online this Summer

Barry Lenson

[Updated 3/16]

Are you about to graduate from high school? Do you still have a year or two to go? In either case, here’s a suggestion for the months ahead . . .

Take a few college courses online this summer.

Maybe you’re thinking that other priorities that come first, like taking an SAT prep class or attending a summer program at a prep school or college. Those activities might be a good idea, but taking college classes online could be even better, for a lot of reasons.

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Taking online courses can help you . . .

  • Boost your SAT and ACT scores, especially in the math portions of the tests. And if you’re taking any SAT II’s, taking the right college courses online can be just about the best test prep you can get.
  • Become a stronger student and prepare for college success by enrolling in a Student Success course.
  • Get better grades in math, chemistry, and other classes that you will take during your future years in high school.

You can take online courses this summer even if you are working a summer job or apprenticeship. You’ll find a terrific selection of online courses right here at StraighterLine, all top-quality and reasonably priced -- and earn advanced credit for your degree.

Need to get credit this summer? Download our free Quick Guide to Online Summer Courses

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