Why Education Makes Kate Middleton the Reigning Royal “It” Girl of Today

Barry Lenson

Why Education Makes Kate Middleton the Reigning Royal “It” Girl of Today

Kate MiddletonWho is today’s reigning “It” girl? We know it’s not Paris Hilton anymore, or Lindsay Lohan, or even Blake Lively.

So who is it? We’re nominating Kate Middleton for the honor. First of all, she is a certified British royal now that she has married Prince William.  That means she is now the Duchess of Cambridge. Those are pretty compelling “It” credentials. But here are some more . . .

  • She’s educated! She met her future husband while they were both students at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. It’s one of the oldest and finest universities in the United Kingdom and the world.  And do you know what? If and when her husband becomes King of England and she becomes Queen, she will be the first British Queen in history to hold a college degree. How is that for cool?
  • She passes the Google test. If you search for her name, you are going to find page after page of results. There’s an entire blog, What Kate Wore, which is dedicated to what she wears every day.  There’s a special website about her wedding, where you can still sign a virtual guestbook. There’s a recent article in Time that covers her fashion evolution. On and on it goes.
  • People love her, wherever she goes. On a recent trip to the U.S. and Canada, she wowed the crowds everywhere she went.  Even when she went into California (which would seem to be the home turf of many “It” girl contenders), she occupied center stage. Heck, she’s got the stuff to stand out anyplace. If she had eaten Cajun food in New Orleans, ridden roller coasters in Sandusky, Ohio, or lassoed horses in Houston, she would have been a standout too.

So if you’re hoping to become the reigning “It” girl or guy, the message is clear. Your most important first step is to get a great education.

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